Natural Scents For Repelling Termites Away From Your Home

Termites are one of the most common pests in Arizona, so it’s not surprising that many people want to get rid of them. However, most DIY forms of extermination will only kill the insects, not the colony. The best way to keep termites away is to use organic ingredients they hate. This way, you don’t have to deal with the colony later.

But, what smells do termites hate? What organic ingredients work to keep them away? We will answer these questions throughout this article and recommend how to use those organic ingredients as deterrents.

Remember that an Arrowhead termite control company is the best to get rid of termites forever, but you can try these natural tactics at home to prevent an infestation.

Getting rid of termites from a home in Arizona

Cedar Wood

Termites love wood, so they do not repel the cedarwood smell per sé. Termites are simply less attracted to this wood because it has allelochemicals, and termites do not like these chemicals.

Let’s see it this way: cedarwood contains cedar oil, which is an effective form of treatment against termites thanks to its reaction with allelochemicals. However, it is not the most successful repellent on this list, but it still works.

To treat an affected area, leave cedarwood planks or logs lying around for at least six months so that the wood releases its chemical components. Once you have that oil, place it directly onto the soil and not inside the walls. By placing it directly into the soil, you can repel termites and avoid letting them enter other structures.


Scented geraniums bring attractive scents to humans, but are awful to termites. They do not directly repel termites, but they attract predators like ladybugs, spiders, and centipedes that feed on termites. When these predators congregate, thermites have to leave the area, giving you time to call a Cave Creek termite control company.

You can plant these beautiful flowers around your property or the affected areas in your home to attract those predators. Thus, the geranium smell is enough to warn termites and help you with their control. The only problem with this technique is that you will have to deal with other critters on your property. That’s why many people recommend this technique in gardens or outdoors.

Tea Tree Oil & Other Essential Oils

If you want to avoid termites at home, you can use essential oils, such as cinnamon oil, clove bud oil, or the famous tea tree oil. To use them properly, all you have to do is to fill them in a mist sprayer and spray on the damaged areas to repel termites.

Be aware of the termites you have at home! If you are dealing with a termite colony, you will have to mix 5 to 10 drops per water gallon and spray it directly on the territory.

Any essential oil works for this method, but we prefer tea tree oil because it is the most effective. Plus, you can use it for other things such as skin treatments or as a repellent to other pests. It’s a Coolidge affordable termite control technique to try.

How Do Termites Communicate Or Smell?

With all the information we gave you, you may be thinking that termites smell anything, but that’s not true. Termites do not have noses!

So, how do they smell the cedarwood oil or the tea tree oil then? They have antennae that detect pheromone scent trails left by other termites to inform others about a food source. This “smelling” system is a way of communication for them to get their colony fed, but as you can see, it is based on their antennae, not their noses.

Termites can also sense specific smells or pheromones depending on the signals their queen gives them.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites?

It’s not easy to exterminate termites at home. Using essential oils or scented geraniums can help in this regard, but it’s not a long-term solution. The best you can do to get rid of termites forever is to contact a pest control company in Phoenix.

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