Keeping Your Pet Safe During A Termite Control

Termites can be devastating to your home. They are non-stop eating machines that tear through even the strongest wood with ease. In a short period of time, your home can suffer extensive damage. You might think that with these pests being so fond of eating everything, they might pose a threat to your family and your pets.

The best thing you can do to protect your home and your loved ones is to hire a Gilbert pest control company for long-lasting termite and pest control with safe solutions.

Can Termites Be Harmful To My Pets in AZ

Do Termites Bite People Or Pets?

Though they do have powerful jaws that never seem to quit, termites aren’t a danger to your pets or your other family members – unless you are made of wood. Which you are not. Termites are only interested in chowing down on the wood and things made of cellulose, like paper or cardboard. They aren’t going to bite or sting you or the animals in your home.

There have been rare cases of people reporting being bitten by a termite, but that is usually a case of accident or confusion. Termites have no reason to want to bite you or your pets.

How To Know What Bite Me?

If you suspect that you have termites in your home and you notice a red mark or skin irritation, you may be confused about what did bite you. You may have felt certain that it was a termite. But now you are left confused. If a termite didn’t bite you, what did?

There are a lot of things that could have bitten you, such as a flea, mite, louse, or even a bed bug. These all leave behind similar marks – small, red bumps. They may itch or feel irritated. It’s best to leave them be as best you can.

You may visit a doctor to get an ID on the bite, but that may not yield any real results. Bug bites can be so similar, and your doctor is likely to just focus on treating your symptoms rather than worrying about identifying the cause – unless there is reason to suspect a poisonous pest. Your best bet would be to hire a pest control technician in East Valley to perform an inspection of your home to find out what kind of pests are plaguing you. Your technician can then develop an appropriate plan for removing those pests and preventing them from coming back.

Treatment Of Pests That Won’t Be A Threat To Your Pets

To keep your home and your family and pets safe from any kind of pests, you need to implement the proper pest control solutions. An experienced pest control technician in Gilbert can inspect your home to find out the extent of your termite damage or other pest infestation. If you only have termites, they are still a danger, even if they won’t bite you or your pets. They can, however, cause enough damage to your home to become a danger. You don’t want a floorboard to fall through or a piece of ceiling to fall on you or your pooch.

A good pest control company serving East Valley will also be able to present you with a variety of pest control solutions that will be safe for your family. Many treatments are applied to the grass or other areas that can be dangerous tocr your pets. Your technician will give you options be present during the treatment and can be shielded from the area so long as the treatment remains potent.

Contact A Pest Control Company In Arizona

Call Varsity Termite & Pest Control today if you are dealing with termites or other pests. We other pests. We treat all pests, including termites, ants, scorpions, roaches, rats, and pigeons. have a variety of effective yet safe pest control solutions to protect your home from termites and We offer effective solutions to remove the pests, as well as preventive treatments to keep them for solutions that won’t pose a threat to your pets. Where that’s not possible, your technician will from returning. Contact us in Arizona today to schedule a consultation with an experienced pest control technician and learn about your options for protecting your home.work with you to create a treatment schedule so that your pet and the rest of your family won’t

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