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    They did a great job with my termite problem!

    “Guy that came out for my termite problem was very knowledgeable, explained everything thoroughly and did a great job. Would definitely recommend them to others for termite control in the Mesa area.”

    Terry J. – Mesa


    5 Star Customer Service!

    “5 star workmanship and customer service. I haven’t had termites in years since first calling Varsity for my termite inspection and treatment. Their termite prevention package has made my life worry free!”

    Elizabeth L. – Gilbert


    I tell all my friends about Varsity!

    “Tony called me within 5 minutes of my hitting the submit button for a scorpion quote. I never heard from the other two competitors. The job was done the next day and he even directed me to the $100 discount coupon. The scorpions are gone and my kids are safe again. I will be calling Varsity again and telling my friends about them.”

    Brittany R. – Chandler


    Specials & Coupons For Mesa Pest Control

    Affordable Mesa Termite Control and Mesa Scorpion Control Services

    Effective Termite Treatments & Professional Pest Exterminators In Mesa

    Arizona Family

    Varsity Termite and Pest control was built on complete customer satisfaction, one customer at a time. Being a family owned and operated company with over 21 years of experience we bring our professional working values with unmatched customer service. It’s always our goal to bring you a service you will be proud to tell your friends and neighbors about. Our termite control and pest control business has been built on awesome referrals from our satisfied customers who know that we are providing them with the most honest and reliable pest control service in Arizona!

    Whether it’s a complete Termite service or a tough Scorpion Problem, Varsity has you covered. Our services are all performed by State of Arizona Licensed technicians trained in the latest and very best service methods. At Varsity we stand behind our work with our Premium Service Guarantee. Varsity Termite TeamMost pest control companies try to be a jack of all trades, which means that they are not as focused on your main termite control and scorpion control needs like we are. At Varsity Termite and Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being the absolute best when it comes to finding termite and scorpion infestations and then using the very best methods to eradicate them and keep your family safe.

    Commercial & Residential Pest Control In Mesa, AZ

    Experienced & Efficient Mesa Exterminators Near You

    When you need the most comprehensive pest control in Mesa, consult with the experienced and qualified team at Varsity Termite & Pest Control. We offer a wide range of industry leading solutions designed to eradicate pests for both commercial and residential customers.

    Thorough & Professional Pest Inspections

    If you suspect that your home or business has a pest problem, it’s important to have a pest inspection done right away. At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we provide the most thorough and professional pest inspections to help find the root of your pest problem!

    Thorough and Professional Pest Inspections

    Preventative Pest Control & Management

    Stop your pest problems before they happen with our custom preventative pest control and management services! Using the best pest control techniques in the industry, and over 2 decades of experience, we can efficiently prevent future pest problems!

    Preventative Pest Control and Management

    Complete Home Pest Control & Defense

    Varsity Termite & Pest Control offers a wide range of complete home pest control and defense services to ensure that your home is pest free from scorpions, termites, spiders, ants, rodents, pigeons, and much more! Get a free quote by contacting us today!

    Complete Home Pest Control and Defense

    Mesa Pest Control Services We Offer:

    Top-Rated Termite Treatments

    Top-Rated Termite Treatments

    We offer top-rated termite treatments in Mesa, using the best treatment and prevention methods in the industry!

    Certified Scorpion Pest Control

    Certified Scorpion Pest Control

    Scorpions are notorious in Arizona, but our certified scorpion removal experts can help keep your home safe!

    Expert Pest Control for Spiders

    Expert Pest Control for Spiders

    Our team offers the most comprehensive treatments and Mesa spider control for homes and businesses throughout the Valley!

    Cost-Effective Rodent Control

    Cost-Effective Rodent Control

    For help from the #1 rodent control experts in Arizona, contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control to learn about our rodent treatment methods!

    Bee Hive Removals

    Bee Hive Removals

    Bees are essential to our ecosystem, which is why we implement the safest methods for bee hive relocations!

    Professional Treatments For Bed Bugs

    Professional Treatments For Bed Bugs

    Our Mesa bed bug pest control experts offer industry leading, professional treatments for homeowners throughout Phoenix!

    Honest Termite Control in Mesa, AZ

    Honest Termite Control In Mesa, AZ

    Termite Treatments Safe For Families, Children & Pets

    Our family owned business is focused on providing a comfortable and honest pest control experience for you and your family. We know how helpless you can feel when you have scorpions that seem to pop up around every corner and you feel like you have exhausted every option. We take this promise to heart and provide you with honest information about your problem and will prove to you how knowledgeable we are about your termite control problem by answering any questions that you may have.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Guaranteed Control & Prevention Of Termite Infestations

    As certified termite control technicians in Arizona, Varsity Termite & Pest Control proudly eliminates and prevents termite infestations for homes and businesses throughout the Valley.

    Our Clients Love Us

    Pet Safe & Eco-Friendly Pest Control

    We have a strong commitment to our customers, and provide the most pet-safe and eco-friendly pest control solutions to ensure the safety and security of your home and your family!

    Protect Your Home From Subterranean Drywood Termites

    Protect Your Home From Subterranean & Drywood Termites

    To get started with protecting your home from subterranean or drywood termites, contact our Arizona termite exterminators today and get a free inspection and estimate!

    Call Your Local Pest Control Company In Mesa Today

    And find out why many of your Arizona neighbors in the Phoenix and Greater Area trust Varsity for all their pest control needs.

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    Mesa Termite Inspection Experts

    One of our customers recently remarked about a termite inspection conducted by Tony, saying that he had “called several companies, but Tony really stood out. The others used scare tactics to try to win my business. Tony though, presented himself as a knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy person. Since selecting, meeting, and dealing with him all of these things have proven true. He’s been conscientious and accommodating.

    Mesa Termite Inspection Experts

    I feel like I was in good hands and I never have to worry about any critters being where they’re not supposed to be.” This is a typical experience that our customers are grateful for after dealing with less than ideal companies in the past. Our termite inspections utilize the most state of the art equipment, combined with years of termite inspection expertise, and expert opinions on each unique situation.

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    Why Phoenix & Surrounding Areas Trust Our Pest Control Services

    What sets Varsity Termite & Pest Control apart from other pest companies is that we provide a custom, comprehensive approach to meet your pest control needs. There is no “one size fits all” method to treating your pest infestation, because every home is different, and so is every pest. As a family owned and operated Mesa pest control company, we understand the need for having a safe, pest free home, which is why we will exhaust every option to make sure the pests are eradicated from your home by providing #1 pest control services in the Valley, including Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, and more!

    Celebrating 25th Anniversary

    25 Years of Excellence

    The Best Home Termite Treatments In Mesa, AZ

    Varsity Termite is “your home team” when looking for mesa termite treatment. Our technicians are the epitome of professional, but definitely have that feel of “family”. We want to make all of our customers part of our pest control family and show that we care to treat your pest control issue just as much as you do. We differentiate ourselves from the big corporate pest control companies by treating you like you’re our only customer, and proving our expertise by being as informative as possible throughout your termite treatment process. We differentiate ourselves from a 1-2 man operation by having the manpower to schedule around your needs and always having a friendly voice answering the phones during business hours.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Should I Hire a Termite Exterminator?
    If you have a termite problem, DIY pest control can be an attractive option, but there are many reasons you shouldn’t rely on DIY methods. By hiring a licensed termite exterminator, you will get the benefit of having expert advice to prevent future infestations, efficient treatment methods with the most effective chemicals, customized treatment plans, and having someone who can properly identify the source of the infestation. If you are still unsure, consult with our termite exterminators to get a free termite inspection!
    How To Know If You Have Termites?
    There are several signs that can indicate a termite infestation. Some of the most common include mud tubes, blisters in any of your wood flooring, discarded wings the termites have shed, hollow and damaged wood, and wood droppings. If you see any of these signs, make sure you contact our Mesa termite control experts immediately!
    How Often Should You Do Pest Control In Your Home?
    To keep even the most common pests at bay, it’s recommended that you receive monthly or bi-monthly pest treatments. For more severe pest issues, you may need more frequent visits from your exterminator! Talk to our trusted professionals today to learn more!
    Do You Have To Leave The House For Termite Treatment?
    Yes, if you have a severe termite infestation, typically fumigation is recommended, and that will require you to leave your home for the entirety of the treatment. However, it’s best to consult with your termite removal team to get detailed information on what you’ll be required to do during your termite treatment!
    What Type Of Treatment Methods Does Varsity Termite & Pest Control Offer?
    At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we provide a wide range of pest treatment and control options to ensure that you have the most effective solutions for your pest problems. We use non-toxic, pet & kid friendly chemicals that are ideal for homes and businesses throughout the Valley. To learn more about the treatment methods we use for a wide range of pests, consult with our Mesa pest technicians today!

    How Long Does It Take For Pest Control To Get Rid Of Rats?
    Depending on the severity of your rat infestation, it can take anywhere from three days to a week to implement the most effective solutions for your rat problem. Get more information about our rat control timelines and to get a free quote by calling today!
    What Should I Do Before And After a Pest Control Treatment?
    For the most thorough pest treatments, it might be wise of you to move furniture away from walls, especially outer walls, but our pest control experts can easily work around your home to give you the solutions you deserve. After a pest treatment, allow the treatment to set before cleaning and repairing anything around your home that may have been affected by the pests.
    Why Do Ants Suddenly Appear Inside My House?
    Ants are a difficult pest to overcome, and they can find even the smallest cracks and crevices where they can access your home in search of food, moisture, and shelter. For help from the best ant exterminators in Mesa, contact Varsity Termite & Pest Control today!
    How Does a Pest Exterminator Get Rid Of Scorpions?
    By using the best techniques possible, we can get rid of your scorpions through sealing and treating your home, as well as providing you with education and support to help eliminate possible elements around your home that are attractive to the scorpion population. To learn more about our possible scorpion extermination options, contact us today!
    What Pest Control Methods Do You Use To TreatCockroach Infestations?
    At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we use a targeted approach to help eliminate your current cockroach infestation, and help prevent future infestations. We go right to the source and use a wide range of methods to ensure that your cockroach problem is resolved.

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