Understanding The Importance Of Getting a Termite Inspection When Buying a House

Termite inspections are always obligatory in real estate transactions. Real estate properties must pass pest inspection first to determine if loaning companies can lend the buyer money for the transaction. Besides, lending companies may ask for inspections done only by a pest control technician in Phoenix.

The expert will provide accurate information about any pest infestation on the property. This inspection usually covers the entire house, so it can take from 45 to 60 minutes. However, the length can vary depending on the size of the house.

Since many homeowners may have doubts about this process, we decided to break down these points to understand it better.

Understanding The Importance Of Getting a Termite Inspection When Buying a House

Why Is A Pest Inspection Necessary?

Selling or buying a house will mostly require a termite inspection as part of the real estate transaction. Most of the time, realtors carry out these transactions, including pest inspection. Nevertheless, lenders can also ask for pest inspection if they are involved in the process (they ask for it before releasing funds).

The termite inspection is also mandatory when there’s no realtor but there’s an escrow involved in the transaction. Lenders usually ask for an entire home inspection that includes checking if there’s a termite infestation. They do this to guarantee the condition of the real estate property.

Pest inspections are necessary because they are part of an entire home inspection, which guarantees the value of the property. The property value is the most important factor in any real estate transaction.

A Chandler pest control company is the best option to get a professional and reliable termite inspection. Not anyone can perform these inspections, especially if it is a mandatory requirement by law.

What To Ask During A Termite Inspection

Ask The Termite Inspector Where Are The Termites

Active termites usually appear in a piece of wood debris or a crawl space access door. The inspector can easily detect them when there are signs of real damage to the house. These signs indicate that there’s an infestation that should be treated.

But, it’s important to ask the termite inspector for these signs. It’s crucial to ensure that there’s an infestation and not just a few termites on the way.
You can ask for signs of the notorious damage, as well as explanations about what the termites are doing. This information is often helpful not only in dealing with current termites but also in preventing future infestations.

Ask the Pest Inspector For Evidences Of Termites Inside The Structural Part Of The Property

You can ask the inspector for any evidence that shows termites are damaging the structural part of the building. It can be in floor joists, support girders, etc. If there are termites in the house, get a Gilbert pest control company to check the area and treat the termites. This way, you can ensure that there won’t be structural damage.

If the property is already receiving structural damage, it is still mandatory to get effective solutions to get rid of termites. However, the idea is to avoid getting to this point, so don’t hesitate to contact infestation experts if the termite inspector assures you that there are active termites in the house.

Talk To Your Realtor To Know What To Do Next

Realtors take termite damage seriously because it can affect the result of a sale, so feel free to ask your realtor about the following steps when having a termite problem.

If you are selling the house, ask your realtor about possible negations that can be useful for this situation. Most realtors will make the seller responsible for paying fumigation, wood replacement, among others. Some buyers may have second thoughts about termite damage, but if the process is done right, then it should not stop them from buying their potential dream house.

Having the property treated for termites after the inspection is essential to guarantee a great sale, and only a licensed pest control company in Mesacan do this job.

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