Facts About Bark Scorpions & When To Hire a Scorpion Control Company In Arizona

If you’re a resident of Arizona, you may be used to dealing with bugs and pests like bees, spiders, ants, and of course, scorpions. Therefore, you should also learn all about the Arizona bark scorpion and what you’re up against when seeing one of them, especially if you want to avoid being stung.

A Chandler pest control technician will outline the top things you should know about the bark scorpion, including getting effective scorpion control. Read below for more.

Facts About Bark Scorpions & When To Hire a Scorpion Control Company In Arizona

Important Facts About The Arizona Bark Scorpion

Bark scorpions don’t have teeth. They have a fang-like stinger in the tail, which can pierce the skin and inject toxins. These toxins affect the central nervous system and can be very dangerous if treated inappropriately.

The bark scorpion is very common in the desert Southwest, which is why it is so popular in Arizona. It is the only scorpion species in the United States that have venom strong enough to cause dangerous symptoms.

Bark scorpions are two to three inches long, and they’re popular for their eight jointed legs and a pair of pedipalps (similar to lobster claws).

They’re nocturnal predators, so they prefer cool, dark places (for example, between rocks). Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop them from making their way into your house. You can easily spot them due to their brownish-yellow color. You can also use a UV light to spot them, they glow green under UV lights.

They appear more often during spring, summer, and fall. Their hibernation period is during winter.

If you see one of these scorpions at home, contact a Phoenix pest control company, especially if you suspect a pest.

How To Avoid Bark Scorpion Stings

According to the Poison and Drug Information Center at Banner-University Medical Center in Phoenix, bark scorpion stings are one of the most common in the area. It may be difficult to completely avoid their stings, but there are ways to decrease an encounter with these creatures, including:

  • Make sure your child’s crib is “Scorpion-proof”. Since bark scorpions love to climb things, put your baby’s crib away from the wall. Take off crib skirts and place crib legs in cristal jars to reduce the risk of having any of these creatures near your baby.
  • Check your bed before resting. No matter how tired you are, be sure of checking your bed before resting to reduce the risk of encountering a bark scorpion.
  • Check your clothes, including your shoes, before putting them on. Bark scorpions love dark places, especially shoes and clothes, so shake them before putting them on in case a bark scorpion is hiding.
  • Always put your shoes on when going outside. It doesn’t matter if you are only going to water a plant in your entrance, avoid going barefoot as you could step on a bark scorpion!
  • Contact a Phoenix pest control company. You can always contact a pest control company to learn more about preventive measures.

    How Can I Know If a Bark Scorpion Stung Me?

    You will know when a bark scorpion stung you once you feel a burning pain in the area, plus a little sensitivity to touch or tingling feeling. However, there are other symptoms like convulsions and blurry visions, although they are not the most common.

    Seek medical attention if you’re not sure about the sting. Better safe than sorry when it comes to bug stings.

    Common Symptoms Of Bark Scorpion Stings

    The most common symptoms with bark scorpion stings are pain, tingling feeling, swelling, and warmth. But, in severe cases, there may be other symptoms like drooling, difficulty breathing, blurry vision, and muscle twitching. This is especially problematic with children.

    Bark scorpion stings are very lethal for children because they can cause high blood pressure, vomiting, tachycardia, restlessness, and other severe symptoms. If you think your child was stung by a bark scorpion, contact a doctor immediately.

    Be careful if you or another person have allergic reactions to stings. These reactions can cause a life-threatening disorder called anaphylaxis, which needs medical attention immediately.

    If you see bark scorpions in your house, contact a East Valley technician in Phoenix to receive an efficient and safe solution.

    Are Bark Scorpion Stings Common?

    Bark scorpions usually sting people only if they feel threatened, but they do not seek out people or animals to attack them.

    Many people suffer from bark scorpion stings due to carelessness when spotting them. The best you can do to avoid their stings is not to put fingers or toes in dark places you haven’t watched before, especially in outdoor areas like gardens or yards.

    Also, clean your house often and properly to be sure there are not many of these scorpions hidden in dark corners.

    Get Rid Of Bark Scorpions Safely With a Phoenix Pest Control Service

    If you think you have a scorpion problem at home, contact Varsity Termite and Pest Control to receive a cost-effective solution. Our licensed technicians will help you keep your home scorpion-free without much stress! Contact us now by email or telephone to get more information.
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