Prevent Bark Scorpion From Invading Your Home In Arizona

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is one of the most-venomous scorpions in Arizona., so there’s a good reason for fearing them. This creature has a dangerous and mortal sting, so you should be aware of possible infestations at home.

If you already have bark scorpions at home, you should call a Phoenix pest control company. Nonetheless, you should also know more about them to prevent them from entering your house, especially if you haven’t seen any.

Check below 5 facts about the Arizona Bark Scorpions and some of their weaknesses.

Prevent Bark Scorpion From Invading Your Home In Arizona

What Are Their Strengths?

Bark Scorpions are well-known for their sting, but they have other strengths that are worth knowing.

Natural Climbers

Most scorpions stay on the ground because they are not good climbers, but bark scorpions are different. They are natural climbers, so they have no problems getting up walls or crawling on ceilings. They prefer upside-down orientation or ‘negative geotaxis’, making them a bit harder to find in your house compared to other scorpion species.

They can go about anywhere and stay in difficult-to-spot places in your home.

They Can Easily Squeeze

Unlike other scorpions, bark scorpions have no issues making a tight squeeze. They can squeeze between spaces no wider than a card! This allows them to get inside your home through small gaps and cracks.

Fast Hunters

Bark scorpions are natural predators because they are carnivores. They hunt roaches, crickets, and other insects at night. Therefore, you should be aware of those pests too. If you have any of those pets at home, bark scorpions will follow.

The best you can do is to contact a Cave Creek pest control technician to get rid of them.

Hardy Creatures

Scorpions have undergone few changes since the time of the dinosaurs, and there’s a reason why. They have a strong armor that protects them against other creatures and pesticides that would kill most insects.

Bark scorpions were indeed one of the few things to survive near ground zero during nuclear tests. As you can see, they’re harder to kill than most creatures.

What Are Their Weaknesses?

Just like strengths, bark scorpions also have weaknesses, including limited eyesight and slow movement. See more about them below.

Glow Up When Exposed To UV Light

They have a brownish color to naturally camouflage against rocky areas. But, all scorpions, including bark scorpions, have a protein in their armor that causes a strange effect: they glow a bright green when exposed to UV light. To spot them in the dark, we recommend using a blacklight.

If you suspect you have scorpions in your home, try a nighttime inspection with a blacklight. It’s the best way to spot them.

Limited Eyesight

Scorpions have limited eyesight, so they usually stick to following baseboards or walls when navigating large spaces. Place glue traps along their predictable path to trap them.

Also, contact a Arrowhead pest control technician once you see a few bark scorpions at home. Remember they can become a pest, and you don’t want that.


Bark scorpions don’t move if exposed to any kind of light. They are usually slow-moving and appear sluggish. If you see a bark scorpion, you can trap them before they escape somewhere else. They are slower than cockroaches, so you should not have problems trapping them.

They Are Non-Aggressive

These creatures only sting when threatened, so they rarely attack people. They are not territorial, so they mostly sting due to accidental contact.

How To Prevent An Infestation?

You need more than a store-bought pesticide to prevent a scorpion infestation. You need a strategy by following these recommendations.

  • Clean your home often to get rid of accessible food for roaches and cricket. Scorpions are predators of other insects like roaches, so avoid having an incentive for them.
  • Use caulking and weatherstripping to secure the gaps around the windows and the foundations. To stop bark scorpions from entering your home, block all entry points.
  • Bark scorpions seek cool spaces during summer to escape the heat, so carefully remove their habitats. That includes cleaning debris and removing firewood from the backyard.

    Contact A Phoenix Pest Control Company

    The best solution to prevent and get rid of scorpions is to contact experts. At Varsity Termite & Pest Control, we have the expertise and equipment needed to remove bark scorpions from your home. We also offer other pest services, including termite treatments, pest control for spiders, and bee hive removals. Contact us through our website to request a quote and forget about scorpions once and for all!

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