The amount of damage termites can do to a home is astounding when you think of how tiny these creatures are. What is also incredible is how much of a structure they can eat away before it is noticeable to visual inspection. Because termites can’t stand light, they do not want to eat through the outer shell of wood, just everything inside.

Termite Damage is Expensive

Termite Control in Arizona Can Be Challenging

Even a seasoned professional termite inspector in Phoenix can find it difficult to catch every invasion by these pests. One microscopic spot hidden from eyesight is all a colony of termites needs to get inside the reeds of wood. Usually by the time they are detected, a substantial amount of damage has already occurred.

Termites are located almost anywhere in the world and only seem to become a worse problem from one year to the next. In the U.S. alone, these ravenous creatures attack about five million homes each year. Many of these attacks undermine foundations and can render a building worthless.

Termite Damage is Expensive

It is estimated that termites account for five billion dollars in replacement costs every year in the U.S. If you add costs for the damage from earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires, it won’t equal the same dollar amount as termite damage.

Why Hire a Termite Exterminator in Phoenix?

Another downside of termites (there are no GOOD ones!) is that most insurance companies no longer cover termite infestations in homeowner policies. It became too much of a payout drain. This is why hiring a professional Arizona termite company is such a good move. Be sure to discuss any guarantees a company offers when you work out the service terms for termite protection and maintenance. At Varsity, we happy to provide a free termite inspection and detailed quote on removing termites if you have them.

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