One of the chief ways of controlling animal or insect populations has been through the natural process of predators. An imbalance occurs when too many of one insect or animal is present in a certain location.

Man has tried artificially to affect change to control the population of animals by introducing predators or selectively killing some species. This is the primary reason for having hunting seasons for animals such as deer.

Some of man’s efforts to create balance have backfired in cases where a predator that was introduced to control one insect turned out to be worse than the insect to be controlled.

So far there has never been a way to introduce a predator to defend against termites. Even though some insects and birds eat termites, the vast numbers of termites and their inaccessibility doesn’t give any hope of control in that manner.


Nematodes are a predator of the termite, but they are so far outnumbered that this isn’t considered an option.

The reason why termites have been around so long is that they don’t have enough enemies to limit their existence. This may be a divine design because termites have a purpose to do away with diseased and rotting wood. The problem comes when they decide to eat the wood of your home.

Man is the primary predator of the termite, and he must use all the means at his disposal to fight back the efforts of the termite to eat every morsel of wood in the universe. If your home isn’t protected by a professional pest control provider, it is only a matter of time before the termite arrives with all its family to sit at the dinner table (your home).

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