All the great civilizations of the world have been successful because they had organization and a hierarchy. Although a democracy promotes equality, there are always class distinctions. The Mayas, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and other dynasties of the past had rules and structure that gave everyone his or her place.

Termite Colonies and Termite Infestations

termite colonies

Insects have a system based on members of the group performing specific tasks. Termites have a preset job or duty at their inception. Worker termites, which are the majority, know they must provide for the entire colony, not just themselves. They don’t argue or become unhappy with their lot in life.

The queen has one duty, to produce more termites, and her suitors have their job to do as well. Termites communicate by way of scents or pheromones, but no one is sure what they actually “say” to one another. Collectively, they all know what the colony is going to do from one minute to the next, so their communication lines are well defined.

A Professional Exterminator and Termites

Although the termite system is very simple, it is more efficient than any civilized hierarchy that has ever existed. This setup has worked for 250 million years, and the dynasty continues.

Scientists have attempted to find ways to disrupt termite social structure, hoping that it would lead to a way of getting rid of them forever. So far, the only disruption that has worked is through chemical infusion into the colony by way of worker ants taking it back to the queen.

Man might not be able to eliminate termites, but he can stop some colonies from doing what they do. For more information on out how you can protect your home against termites, a professional exterminator is your best resource.

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