Wood is the most common structural element for two reasons primarily. It is available almost anywhere in the world, and it is easy to work with. Concrete and steel are much more problematic to work with than wood. Wood is also less expensive to use for buildings than most other materials.

With the exception of the foundation, window glass, and roof, an entire house can be built from wood and wood byproducts. Professional carpenters can erect a building in a matter of days, except for the finishes.

wood termite

Unfortunately, termites can locate a building pretty quickly, too. They seem to have keen radar for wood that has dried out well. Most of them aren’t content just to eat the dead wood lying about the forest, or either it just serves as the appetizer for the main course, which is your home.

Since termites have been around basically for all of history, it is entirely unlikely that man will ever eradicate them. We do well just to hold our own with them. Although chemicals receive a bad reputation most of the time, without their use, many sections of the country would be infested so badly that buildings made of wood would not be safe to inhabit.

Termites won’t destroy a home as quickly as it was built by the construction crew, but they can ultimately render it worthless if it is not properly protected. Make certain you have a termite bond on your home; you can rest easier knowing you are protected.

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