If your Chandler scorpion control approach fails, you may want to switch to harsher methods. One way to keep your Chandler scorpion population at bay is by using certain potent pesticides. While ideally you would be using scorpion control and exterminators is always preferable. However, if you want to try a more extreme approach yourself, then you should consider using a liquid solution that will be more poisonous and faster acting and allow you to kill whole nests of scorpions.

I have discussed other scorpion poisons in previous posts, but they may take a bit longer to work. If you are uncomfortable waiting around for the granules to do their thing, there are other methods you can use.
Chandler DIY Scorpion control tips
A great solution to use is called Cykik CS. This can be used in a 20 gallon hose end sprayer to allow you to get a good coverage over a large area without having to ever get to close. Spray the flower beds, sheds and anywhere else where they hide and this will much more quickly poison and kill scorpions.

Also spray the sides of the home and again think logically about anywhere a scorpion might be hiding. This may include shrubs, brushes, bushes, old cardboard boxes, block walls, and other dark hiding spots.

Unlike the previously mentioned granules (which are save for kids and pets) this liquid solution can be harmful to pets and humans. Therefore, it is important to wait for the spray to dry, after you have applied it, before you allow children or animals back in the garden.

The drying process should take no more than an hour. After which you can safely go back outside again.

Other precautions involve making sure not to get stung while the infestation exists and if you have a regular problem.

There are several other ways, how you can keep scorpions at bay. For example, if you clean out clutter and clean up areas that scorpions prefer, you eliminate places for them to hide. Also never assume that just because you don’t see scorpions during the day, that they are not around. Scorpions are night active and prefer the dark, which is why you should not walk around your yard without shoes, if you know that you have a scorpion problems.

To learn more about scorpions and how to keep them from your Chandler garden and home, contact us today. Varsity Termite and Pest Control has protected homes for years. We can help with scorpions and many other common Chandler pests.

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