Are you tired of pests rampaging about and ruining your lovely garden? Have you tried any chemical pest control treatments that proved to be toxic to the plants? Or are you planning to go all green for pest control in your garden? If you have answered yes for any of the above questions, then here is an eco-friendly and definitely green way to get the job done!

Known to many civilizations, growing certain kind of plants in the garden is a sure way to repel pests. Not convinced? Have a quick read here and you are sure to change your mind.

You can buy some beneficial insects like lady bugs, preying mantis and even plants that repel pests in many of local stores in Mesa. Some plants have the ability to attract beneficial insects into your garden. These beneficial insects in turn get rid of all the unwanted and obviously uninvited guests from your garden. For example, lavender attracts bees and helps repel moths and fleas. Oregano and Sage repel several kinds of beetles. Growing Marigold plants help you get rid of insects and rodents in the soil. Mint has the ability to repel a wide range of insects and pests but be careful as this little effective pest control plant grows a lot faster and can even take over the entire garden! Place them in small containers to avoid this. Basil is another useful plant to repel flying insects.




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Gary Dobert

Gary is the co-owner of Varsity Termite and Pest Control, a family owned and operated company in Arizona with over 21 years of experience. They specialize in termite and scorpion control services.

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