Controlling Pests In An Arizona Commercial Environment

Pests can make your business look bad – especially if you have a consumer-facing business that frequently welcomes customers, like a restaurant or retail shop. Clients see pests, and they are likely to think that you neglect your business the same way you neglect its cleaning. They are less likely to want to buy from you or to hire you for your services if that’s the case.

You need to hire a reputable Glendale pest control company to keep your business free of pests, both inside and out. But you must take measures to protect your business between treatments. Here are a few commercial sanitation hacks you can implement to prevent pests in and around your business.

Controlling Pests in AZ

Keep An Eye On Food Storage For Any Pest Infestation Signs

Food is one of the biggest attractors of pests of all kinds. It doesn’t matter what kind of food it is. It will draw out some kind of pest (and like many). Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the food packaging itself to keep the food out of reach for pests. They can easily find gaps to get inside the packaging, or they can chew through it.

Check your food storage regularly for signs of any pest infestation. Get rid of any packaging that has been penetrated. Then take steps to further seal off the area where your food is being stored.

Remove Trash Daily To Avoid Attracting Pests

Any trash that remains in your business can attract pests. You need to remove it every night, even if it is only partially full. You should see only empty trash bags in your cans when you close up for the night. Everything else should go to the dumpster.

Make sure your dumpster is as far from the building as possible. If it does attract pests, they won’t be near your building. Also, be sure to have your dumpster professionally cleaned periodically to keep risks low.

Scrub Drains & Sanitize Them

Grease and food debris can build up in your sink drains over time, even if you think you are rinsing or cleaning them each time. You need to periodically sanitize the drains with an organic drain cleaner to clear out anything that may have accumulated. Otherwise, flies and other pests will be attracted to the drains.

You may even consider hiring a professional to clean the drains and ensure that they are free of bacteria and debris.

Avoid Equipment BoneYards

Old and broken equipment or equipment that is simply not being used currently is often put into a storage area or part of the property outside and then forgotten about. The equipment gathers dust and is filled with leaves and dirt. It then attracts pests seeking shelter, moisture, or even food that is available in the organic matter.

Remove any equipment that is broken or that will not be used. Sell what you can or recycle it. If you will use the equipment again, make sure you put it in a proper storage facility, and periodically clean the area and check it for pests.

Mind The Gaps To Prevent Pests Getting Through It

Pests can get into your business through even the smallest cracks and gaps. Check the perimeter of your property for any openings, and close them. Look at door frames, windows, foundations, and the area around vents or other fixtures. Look for cracks in the bricks or siding.

It’s easy to miss openings, so you might consider hiring a pest control company in Chandler to do this work for you. It’s especially important to close these gaps since scorpions can get into the tiniest openings. A good pest service can find and seal all those openings.

Remove Standing Water As a Water Source For Pests

Standing water not only provides a water source for pests, but it also provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You shouldn’t have any standing water around your business. Check your parking lot and other areas of your property after it rains to see if any puddles remain. Work with a concrete specialist or other professional to repair the area so that you get proper runoff and drainage.

Taking all these steps can help you to keep pests away from your property so that you can maintain a safe space and make it more appealing to your customers. You should also work with a professional pest service serving Gilbert to get the appropriate treatments to keep pests away from the property, both inside and out.

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