There are a lot of advantages to living in an apartment. You don’t have to worry about major repairs like replacing a roof or fixing an HVAC unit. You don’t have to mow the yard. You don’t have to clean gutters or even repaint the walls. However, there are also some disadvantages to living in an apartment, and chief among them is the increased risk of pest problems. You can’t control what all the people who live in the apartments around you do, so your apartment can easily be vulnerable to pests that they are attracting.

Though you can’t control others, you can take steps to protect your own space. You may not be able to eliminate the problem if your neighbors are living in a pit full of cockroaches (that’s why you have a manager to complain to!), but you can minimize the problem in your own space by taking some of these steps:


Clean Regularly

No matter where you live, the best thing you can do to keep away pests is to keep your home clean. Crumbs, smears of jelly, and even a sticky residue from some spilled juice can attract roaches, ants, and many other pests. Wipe off the countertops and tables, sweep every day, vacuum regularly, and mop regularly. Clean up any spills immediately.

Regular cleaning will make your apartment less attractive to pests that may wander over from a neighbor’s place. They may look around, but they aren’t likely to stay if there’s nothing to keep them there.

Keep Garbage Out

Garbage also attracts pests since it is usually full of food and various liquids. Just keep the garbage out of your apartment to make it less appealing to pests. Use only a small trash can, and take it out each day if you can. You just have to throw it in the dumpster on your way to work, so it should be very convenient.

Don’t allow takeout containers or drink bottles to litter up your space. Immediately take these out. Don’t just leave them by your front door either! You’re likely to get fined by apartment management, and the trash will still draw bugs to your apartment.

Inspect Packages

Not everything you get in the mail is going to be clean. Paper and cardboard attract a lot of pests, and they can hitch a ride on your mail into your apartment. Before you bring any package inside, inspect it for pests like termites, bed bugs, ants, and more. If any of these get inside your apartment, they can spread quickly.

Ask your mail carrier to always leave packages at your apartment office if you are not home to inspect them. If they are left outside, they are at greater risk of being stolen or of attracting pests that you can carry inside your apartment.

Avoid Secondhand Furniture

Secondhand furniture is so tempting. It’s free! And it can be in good shape. What’s not to love? For starters, the bed bugs it might be carrying. Or the fleas. The termites. Any number of pests can be hiding out in that furniture and waiting to infest your apartment.

You can’t inspect secondhand furniture and feel that’s sufficient to know there are no pests. Bed bugs and other pests can hide deep inside the furniture. You won’t be able to definitively check for pests in secondhand furniture. Just say no.

Inspect Everything after Travel

You can bring more back from your travels than souvenirs. Bed bugs can hop onto your luggage or packages and come home with you from your hotel or other places you visited. Other pests can also take a free ride with you back to your apartment.

Thoroughly inspect all your luggage and gear when you get back from travel. Always stay in reputable hotels and fly on known airlines.

Have Leaks Repaired Promptly

Pests are also attracted to moisture. Besides cleaning up spills promptly, you should also check your home regularly for leaks. Check under the sinks, around the toilet, and around the tub or shower for signs of water. If you have a leak, report it to apartment management immediately to have it repaired. Allowing those leaks to go unchecked will attract pests and mold.

Don’t let pests ruin the other advantages of living in an apartment. Take these steps to keep your apartment clear of pests, even if the neighbors around you are not. You’ll keep a clean space that is free of nuisance and threats to your health and safety.

You can also schedule your own pest treatment for your apartment, and Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help. Our experienced exterminators can find any pests that are currently in or around your apartment, and they can help you identify the source. They will then develop a prevention and maintenance plan to keep your apartment free of pests. Call us today to schedule your inspection!

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