Fall doesn’t just usher in cooler temperatures; it also ushers in a wave of new bugs to your home. That is, if you don’t implement the proper pest control procedures and treatments. Stink bugs and rodents start coming into your home in search of warmer temperatures. Ants move inside as they continue to look for food and have fewer options outdoors. And stinging insects are abuzz after spending months building their nests and growing their colonies.

Unless you want some creepy crawly bed mates or you don’t mind rodents crawling across your counter tops, you should probably take some steps now to keep your home pest-free during the fall and winter months. Talk to a pest control company around Arizona about the proper treatments to implement, and follow these tips to protect your home:

Pest Prevention

Keep Spaces Dry

Pests are constantly on the move in search of food and water. They also love damp and humid spaces, which they are most likely to find in an attic, basement, or crawl space that is not properly ventilated or that has leaks. Check these spaces to ensure that they are well-ventilated and dry.

You don’t need to be an expert to check these areas. Go into them and look for signs of pooling water. Also note whether they feel humid or “stuffy.” If you notice either, call a plumber or a ventilation specialist to check the space. You may need to make a few adjustments or repairs, which will not only make the space less appealing to pests but will also save you money in future repairs.

Look for Cracks

Pests can get inside very small cracks around your home. You need to look for these cracks and seal them. Check the weather stripping on your doors and windows. Look for crumbling mortar around your brick and other stone. Re-seal your windows where needed, and look for cracks in your foundation.

You won’t be able to create an impenetrable fortress against pests, but sealing up these cracks can really cut down on the opportunities bugs have to infiltrate your home.

Screen Openings

Other openings in your home are necessary, such as your chimney, attic vents, animal doors, or mail slots. You can’t close these up, but you also don’t want to leave them wide open to pests. You can strike a compromise by putting a screen over these openings. The screen for a chimney or attic vent can stay in place all the time, allowing the air to pass freely while also blocking pests. Any screen you put on a mail slot or animal door will need to be removable for those times of day that you know they will be in use.

Inspect Items before Bringing them Inside

You are likely to start bringing in holiday decorations from your shed, and you are likely to start getting a lot of packages delivered to your house as you do your gift shopping. Before you bring any of these items inside, inspect them for pests. You could be unwittingly bringing in some unwanted guests.

Be sure to check any firewood, newspapers, or even groceries you bring inside, as well.

Keep Countertops and Floors Clean

Even crumbs on your kitchen counters can attract pests to your home and keep them there. You should thoroughly wipe down the space every time you prepare food. Do a quick sweep of the floor, as well, in case any crumbs have fallen.

Be careful about leaving pet food out also. Put the food in an airtight container, and only feed your pet at designated times. Make sure the bowl is cleaned regularly.

You don’t have to do a lot to protect your home from pests during the fall, but you do need to be proactive. Take these steps to reduce the opportunities for pests to enter your home and to make your home less attractive to them. Then call a local pest control company for preventive treatment. You’ll be able to sleep soundly and stay cozy this fall.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers Phoenix pest control services to protect your home and your family from common local pests such as roaches, termites, scorpions, ants, spider, roof rats, and more. We offer comprehensive maintenance services to protect your home from future infestations. If you are currently battling pests, a pest control technician from our team will find the root of the problem and eradicate the pests. Call us today to schedule an inspection or pest services.

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