They may look cute in cartoons, but they can make your skin crawl if you see them in person. Rats, mice, and other rodents are unwelcome guests in any home. These pests can chew through your walls, furniture, and electricity, and they can leave behind a trail of feces and disease that can make your family and your guests sick.

A good pest control company in Mesa can remove rats and other rodents from your property and help you protect against future infestations. But how do you know if you have rodents on your property? Besides getting a Gilbert pest control technician to perform a thorough inspection, here are five crucial signs that will tell you that you’ve got a rodent problem:

5 Crucial Signs to Look out for if You Suspect a Rodent Infestation

Strange Noises

You know that expression “as quiet as a mouse?” Well, we’re not sure why that expression exists since mice and rodents aren’t all that quiet. Sure, you might not hear them walking since they have tiny, padded feet. But if there are enough of them, or if they are walking in a certain area, you will hear them.

Other noises you might notice are squeaking, chewing, and clawing. The bigger the infestation, the louder these noises will be. If you think you hear a squeak or some other gnawing or scurrying, pay careful attention. The sooner you take action, the better.


Rodents do not smell good. They might not usually have a body odor like a dog does, but they have foul-smelling urine and feces. And just wait until one of them dies in your walls or your attic! You won’t be able to escape the stench.

Pay attention when you smell something that just isn’t right. If you can’t find the source, go ahead and call a pest control company to perform an inspection. You might have a rodent problem.

Visible Damage

Rats and other rodents cause a lot of damage. They will chew through your furniture – whether it’s wood or fabric, your walls, your floors, and your ceiling. They may chew or claw to get through a space, or they may do it to get materials for a nest.

Keep an eye out for signs of visible damage that may indicate that you have a rodent problem. Don’t just patch up the damage and move on. You may have repaired what’s broken, but you haven’t truly addressed the problem until you’ve gotten rid of the rodents.

Damaged Insulation

Rodents will also nest in insulation and chew through it. You may not notice that your insulation has been damaged since it lies behind your walls, under your floors, and above your ceilings. But you may notice that your energy bills are going up without any explanation, and you may see bits of insulation in places where they shouldn’t be.

Take these signs seriously. Work with a Glendale pest control technician to thoroughly inspect the property to determine if you have rodents and, if so, the extent of the infestation.


One of the tell-tale signs of any pest infestation is feces. Pests don’t discriminate where they do their business. Rodent droppings look like small pellets. The fresher they are, the darker they are in color. Older droppings can be lighter grey and can look dry.

Pay close attention when you are dusting or sweeping up. If you see anything that looks like rodent feces, don’t assume that it’s old. Call an East Valley pest control company to get an inspection as soon as possible.
Rats, mice, and rodents can wreak havoc in your home. They can spread disease, damage your home, and even make your home less energy-efficient. Plus, no one wants to see a rat running across the floor while they are relaxing. Call a pest control company in Queen Creek to inspect your home and learn about your options for getting the rodents out and keeping them out.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers affordable pest control in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Our experienced and friendly technicians can root out any rodent infestations and give you a variety of options for getting rid of the pests and protecting your home in the future. We offer humane removal. Call us in Phoenix to schedule an inspection if you suspect a rodent or other pest infestation.

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