Summers in Mesa or Phoenix can be quite hot – though most would describe it as a “dry heat.” It’s made bearable by drinking plenty of water or staying inside with your air conditioner. The summer lull can be broken in an unpleasant way when some pests have decided to make your humble abode their own home.

These unwanted visitors can range from making life annoying to even possibly dangerous for a very small part of the human population. That’s where you want to call a pest control company in Chandler to fix everything. But it’s up to you to be able to spot them first before knowing to contact them.

Here are five most inconvenient pests that you need to watch for this summer.


Ants play a big part for the environment. They can help plants by aerating and turning soil. When they eat seeds, that can help grow new plants. That’s wonderful for the outdoors. The key word here is “Outdoors” – you do NOT want them in your home, since those little tiny things with their cute antennae can wind up wreaking havoc.

For example, you do not want any of these in your home

• Pharaoh ants – They can spread diseases like streptococcus,salmonella, and clostridium. People can get botulism from them. These need to go as fast as possible.
• Carpenter ants – These can chew up wood like termites, but they do not help the environment, they just leave a sawdust-type residue. If you do not have an Ahwatukee pest control specialist take care of this, you run the risk of having severe property damage.
• Fire ants – These can be particularly nasty, especially to those who have allergies. Their bites are very painful and can result in swelling, blistering and itching. On VERY rare occasions, people can need immediate medical care due to their throats swelling shut. They also tend to be aggressive… so you need to be equally swift in getting a pest control technician serving East Valley to fix this situation.

Arizona Brown Recluse Spider

This is not a spider that you want to encounter in your home. While it’s not aggressive – they won’t come out and bite while you are sleeping, they will do so if you reach into their hiding area. The venom that they emit isn’t life-threatening by itself. It’s the reaction that follows. Much like the other recluse spider, it can cause tissue death around the bite area. If you get bitten by one, you need to get medical attention to prevent irreversible damage. See a Apache Junction pest control specialist as soon as possible if you suspect you have seen one – they have eight uniformly colored legs, hair on their abdomens and six eyes.

Bees and Wasps

We lump these two together. You do not want anything to do with either of them. Bees can sting once and wasps can sting multiple times. The vast majority of bees are not aggressive and only sting if they feel threatened, whereas wasps do not need much motivation. Most people only get painful bumps, but there are some who are severely allergic and can die if not given an epi pen treatment quickly. If you see a nest of either, do not try to move it yourself. Instead, call a pest control company in Chandler to do the work for you.


These are very prevalent in the desert – and they can make their way into your home. It’s true that most of them would only cause you to feel like you’ve been stung by a bee should you be unfortunate enough to encounter one with bare feet. There is one species, though, called the bark scorpion. It’s really tiny, the smallest of them all. What it lacks in size, though, it makes up the difference in the potency of its venom. People who have been stung can experience swelling, and possibly even have convulsions or trouble breathing. Get a Gilbert pest control technician over to see you as soon as possible.

Yes, the hot weather does make things more inviting for the above pests. Still, you can enjoy it if you follow the above advice given you. Then you can sit outside and watch the sun set without having to worry about whether you’re going to feel itchy the next day.

Whether you see one of these pests or all of the above, Varsity Termite is the winning pest control team to fix it. They service both the Phoenix and Mesa area. Their highly-trained staff will come see the situation and handle it with ease. Soon, your termite problem will be history. Give them a call today at 602-757-8252!

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