Facts You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

You may get the heebie-jeebies when you think about bed bugs, but besides the idea of bugs crawling on you while you sleep, you may not know why. (Or isn’t that enough of a reason?) Bed bugs aren’t innocuous pests that just get a bad rep because they’re ugly. They can cause skin problems, breathing trouble, and serious allergic reactions in some.

Bed Bugs infesting a house in Arizona

Here are some of the problems that bed bugs pose that should make you run to the phone to call a pest control company in Mesa for immediate inspection and preventive treatment:

Bed Bugs Can Hide Easily

Bed bugs aren’t so easy to spot. The largest ones are flat, oblong, and brownish-red, sort of like an apple seed, but lighter in color. The baby and adolescent bugs can look like specs of dirt, and if you’re not looking for them, you might not know you have them until you have a full-on infestation.

To make matters worse, bed bugs are nocturnal, so they don’t usually come out until the bright lights are off. If you go searching for them, they are likely to be hidden inside your mattress or in other nooks and crannies in your furniture. It will be hard to know you have a problem until it’s out of control, and it will be hard to locate the bed bugs to treat them.

Bed Bugs Can Live Without Food

Chances are that if you skip lunch, you’re hangry by dinner and a full-on beast to contend with. If you go three days without food? Unthinkable! But bed bugs can live a full 550 days without food. That’s a full year and a half!

You can’t just slap a mattress cover on your bed and wait out the bed bugs. They will find other sources of food, and they will continue to be a problem. The only thing that will get rid of them is a professional Glendale pest control treatment.

They Are Resistant To Pesticides

Don’t think that if you spot bed bugs in your home that you’ll be able to run down to the local hardware store and buy some pesticides to treat them yourself. Bed bugs have developed a resistance to both deltamethrin and beta-cyfluthrin, two of the most popular ingredients in bed bug treatments. You can spray them all day, and you’ll have little impact.

Again, you need to hire Arizona bed bug exterminators around the valley to deal with your bed bug problem. They have the latest tools and know the best strategies for eliminating bed bugs.

Female Bugs Reproduce Quickly

One female bed bug can lay over 500 eggs throughout her life. Within just a few months, those baby bed bugs can start reproducing and creating new bed bugs. So what you’ve got now are bugs that can live a ridiculously long time without eating, are hard to spot, and multiply exponentially. It’s easy to see how a little nuisance can become a major problem fast.

Don’t let bed bugs ruin your peace of mind in your own home. Hire a pest control technician to inspect your home for signs of bed bugs now to determine if you have a problem. The earlier bed bugs can be identified, the easier it will be to treat them, and the faster you will be able to eradicate them. The longer you wait, the more of a problem they will become. Even if the technician doesn’t find anything, he can apply a preventive treatment to hopefully keep any future bed bugs out of your home.

Hire A Top Rated Pest Control Company In Phoenix

Call Varsity Termite & Pest Control today if you suspect that you have bed bugs or that your home may be vulnerable to them. Our professionals will inspect your home and help you understand your future risk. Our team will apply treatment to eliminate any current pest problem, as well as a maintenance treatment to prevent future outbreaks. We offer a full range of pest services in Phoenix, including treatments for roaches, ants, scorpions, rats, and more. We pride ourselves on our friendly service and our impressive results. Contact us today to learn more about our pest services or to schedule an inspection for your property.

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