You love your home in Mesa or Phoenix. It could be a brand new one that you recently bought and moved into. You could have lived in it with your parents and then moved your own family in after you inherited it. Then you start hearing about a problem that other homeowners face: termites.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to then approach this issue. It’s important to do research, but you need to look at reputable sites. Otherwise, you’ll fall prey to misinformation or myths.

If you put any trust in these myths, you risk having a considerable amount of damage done to your dwelling. It’s better to have a Chandler pest control company that you trust take a look and ensure that you don’t trust these five termite myths.

Don't Trust These 5 Termite Myths

I Can Detect Infestations Easily On My Own

You have sharp eyes. Once you spotted your keys outside in your yard while you were looking out the kitchen window. So it would be a snap for you to just walk around and check the walls of your own house to see if there’s any signs of termite infestations, right? Wrong? Termites are very quiet and they take a while to build up noticeable damage… which then can compromise the structure of some parts of your abode.

Termites can hide really well in places that you can’t reach. Then they start breeding and can quickly infest your home. Then it’s time to call the pest control technician serving East Valley and see what can be salvaged. Or you could possibly save some time and trouble by having regular professional inspections to make sure that nothing is amiss… and any possible problems can be stopped early in their tracks.

Termites Won’t Go After My Brick Home That’s On a Concrete Foundation

Your brick home is your fortress… and no termites are going to make their way in, right? While these pests do avoid brick and concrete,there’s plenty of material in your home that can be quite alluring – drywall, wooden furniture and wallpaper, just to name three.

Also, that brick and concrete are not totally impregnable. They can have cracks in them… which then serve as an opening for those termites to make their way in and start feasting. Call a pest control service in Gilbert to see what they can do for you.

I Had My Place Treated Before So No Need To Worry

You’ve already had a technician visit before or you heard from the real estate agent that a treatment had been done before you moved in. Time to breathe easy, right? Wrong. That can get you into a false sense of security … and a lot of time can lapse. It’s important to contact a Glendale termite control specialist regularly. Otherwise, that’s ample time for those termites to make their way in and do their damage. Do it at least yearly.

I Can Treat This Problem By Myself

There was a popular show during the 1990s called “Home Improvement.” It centered around Tim Taylor, a man who hosted his own home improvement show. He took that DIY attitude to his home… and often wound up with disastrous results. (exploding dishwasher, anyone?) While you don’t run the same risk of having the same things happen to Taylor, you won’t get the best results if you try to use insecticides that you buy over the counter. You need a Gold Canyon pest control specialist to come and take care of the problem for you.

I Don’t Have Enough Money For Termite Treatments

It’s understandable that you don’t want to have to reach too deep into your wallet to fix the issue. There are a lot of other bills you might have to pay. The problem is.. those costs may mount if the termites continue to be able to eat through the walls or other furnishings of your home. Pest control companies are often more than happy to work with you on finding a plan that will fit your budget. They may offer something like a termite warranty or bond. The company will do routine inspections and will treat the problem if one is found.

You can wind up saving yourself a lot of potential grief or trouble by recognizing these myths for what they are – falsehoods. Pest services are the best way to be able to keep yourself from finding your home overrun.

When it comes to treating termites in your home, Varsity Termite and Pest Control is a leading pest control team in Arizona. They service Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and other cities in the Phoenix metro area. Their highly-trained staff will come see the situation and fix it. Soon, your termite problem will be history. Give them a call today at 602-757-8252!

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