It’s important to perform regular inspections of your home to check for signs of termites or termite damage. These tiny pests can wreak a lot of havoc in a short amount of time, so you can’t let long periods of time go by between checking for termites. You may think that your home is safe because you didn’t find any termites the last time you checked, but they may have already infested your home and caused extensive damage in the time that has passed.

The very best thing you can do is hire an Arizona pest control company to perform a routine termite inspection and to implement preventive termite treatment to protect your property. However, you can enhance your home’s protection by performing your own periodic inspections. Be sure to pay special attention to these five areas:

Any Area with Exposed Wood

Termites each wood. They will go anywhere they can find wood, and the easier the pickin’s, the better. If you have exposed wood, such as on the underside of your crawl space, of if you have piles of debris or mulch on your property, those are prime locations for termites. Don’t assume that you won’t have a problem with termites if it’s treated wood. The treatment may not have been appropriate to keep out termites, or it may have become ineffective with age.

Check the wood for any signs of damage or for physical termites. Move piles to get a good look under branches, mulch, and leaves.

Anywhere there is Moisture

The other thing termites need to survive is moisture. They cannot retain it, so if they don’t have a steady supply, they will dry out and die. That’s why they travel out of the sun, and that’s why they like humid spaces.
Check your home for any areas where there is moisture. That might be a crawl space where you have a plumbing leak or inadequate ventilation. Or it might be around your pets’ food bowls, or even in the bathroom where you have loose tile or poor seals. Look for signs of termite activity or wood damage.

Access Points

Termites typically follow the path of least resistance. Therefore, they are much more likely to enter your home through current access points, such as cracks in your foundation or poor seals around your vents, windows, or doors.

Check your whole house carefully for areas where termites might enter, and then look for signs of termite activity. You might notice mud tubes, discarded wings, termite feces, or wood damage.


Many termites in Arizona travel through the ground and through mud tubes. If they are active in or near your home, you are likely to find these mud tubes on the ground or even on your foundation.

Check the foundation for signs of these mud tubes. They will look just like what they sound like – small tubes made of dried mud. If you see them, chances are good that you have termites, but you’ll need to call in a pest control technician to find out just how bad the problem is.


When termites are ready to reproduce, they swarm, or take flight in search of mates. Some termites discard their wings during this process. You should check your windows for these discarded wings, which may look like fish scales. You should also be alert to visible swarming around your property.

These signs can all tell you if you might have a problem with termites in your home, but they are not the only signs that can indicate a problem. You need a professional termite and pest control technician in Arizona to inspect your home to know for sure if you have termites and what the extent of the problem is. The professional can then implement solutions to eradicate the termites before they spread more damage.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers affordable termite control solutions in Mesa and the surrounding area. We are a trusted termite control company with years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. A technician from our team will closely inspect your property and present you with a range of options for eliminating any termites present and for protecting your home against future infestation.

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