Bed bugs are tricky pests. They aren’t always easy to identify, they spread rapidly, and they can seem impossible to eradicate. However, an experienced Gilbert pest control technician with the proper training can put an end to bed bugs quickly, helping to make your house the safe oasis it was meant to be once again.

And while all those things are true about bed bugs, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around that cause people to make a lot of bad decisions regarding bed bugs, perpetuating their problem or allowing it to get bigger. Here are just some of the common myths we’ve heard about bed bugs here in Arizona:

Common Myths about Bed Bugs in Arizona

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Appear in Dirty Houses

East Valley Bed bugs live anywhere they can find a steady supply of blood, like your bed or your furniture. It doesn’t matter if your house is spotless or filthy. We’re guessing this myth persists because those who allow their houses to become very dirty are likely also negligent when it comes to identifying and treating pests in their home. Plus, the dirt and clutter can make it harder to spot pests.

But don’t get it wrong! Just because you keep a clean house doesn’t mean that you are not at risk of a bed bug infestation. You must remain vigilant and take action quickly if you suspect bed bugs.

Myth: You Can’t See Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are tiny, but they are not microscopic. The adults are about the size of an apple seed, while the eggs can be the size of a pin head. That’s small, but it’s not so small that you can’t see them. You just might overlook them as dirt if you aren’t careful.

The best way to spot bed bugs is to look at the seam of your mattress or furniture. Pull back the seam if needed and look closely. You may see something that looks like dirt or staining. Look closer, and that general dirt might take shape, and it might have legs.

Myth: Bed Bugs Won’t Appear in Bright Light

Bed bugs do like the dark, and they are likely to burrow deeper into furniture or under your body if a steady, bright light is on in the room. But the light won’t kill them, and they are much more motivated by finding sources of food than they are avoiding light. They will still bite you in the bright light, and simply shining a light on a mattress or piece of furniture that is infested is not going to drive the bed bugs out.

Note that bed bugs are more active at night, but that doesn’t mean they won’t bite you during the day also. Again, they prefer darkness, but they can appear in the light. They are nocturnal, but they will also feed any time they are hungry.

Myth: Bed Bugs Live Exclusively in Beds

A bed is a good place for a bed bug to find a huge source of food. You just lay there for 8 hours a night, like a smorgasbord. Though life is good for a bed bug in a bed, these pests will travel anywhere they need to find food. That can include your couch, upholstered chairs, and other furniture. Bed bugs will also travel on non-upholstered surfaces, and they will travel on pets.

Myth: Bed Bugs Fly

Since they get around so quick, East Valley bed bugs have often been mistaken for being able to fly. However, these pesky critters don’t actually have wings. They just go home with you in your luggage, on your shoes, in your clothes, and in your purse. They can also crawl up to three feet a minute, so they can move and spread quickly.

Myth: You Can Treat Bed Bugs Yourself

Many over-the-counter remedies are sold for bed bugs, but none of them are actually effective. They might reduce the number of bed bugs, and they might send the pests deeper into your mattress, but they will not get rid of them.

Bed bugs can live a long time without food, so they will simply go dormant and wait you out. You need an experienced Chandler pest control technician to develop a plan to eradicate the bed bugs once and for all. You don’t want to lull yourself into a false sense of safety while the bed bugs are simply growing in number out of sight.

Bed bugs can be a huge problem, and part of the reason for that is that homeowners make poor decisions based on myths they’ve heard and come to believe. You can get a handle on your bed bug problem quickly by understanding the reality about these pests and calling a reputable pest control company near Ahwatukee to handle them.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers effective pest services in Phoenix for bed bugs and other common pests. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skills to identify your pest problem and the appropriate solution. After finding the source of your infestation, your technician will develop a plan for removing the pests completely and for protecting your home against further attack. Call us in Phoenix today to learn more about our pest services or to schedule an in-home inspection and consultation.

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