Early Warning Signs You Might Have Roaches & How To Prevent Them

Although cockroach infestations are often equated with a dirty home, that isn’t always the case. Cockroaches are attracted to food, water, and warmth, which can easily be found even in clean homes. Many people are mortified at the idea of a cockroach infestation in their home, partially because they don’t like insects but also because cockroaches can carry diseases and carry a noxious odor.

While seeing one cockroach in your home might send you into a panic, spotting just one roach doesn’t necessarily mean your home has a major infestation. However, cockroaches are social creatures who reproduce quickly. If you’ve seen a cockroach in your home or office, it’s likely that there are other roaches lurking nearby in dark corners. It’s probable that they are quickly making their way toward a full blown infestation of your home. If you’ve seen a cockroach in your home, contact Mesa pest & termite control to get a comprehensive eradication plan.

Early Warning Signs You Might Have Roaches & How To Prevent Them

The Problems With a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are ugly and give many people a creepy crawly feeling. However, did you know that roaches are also dangerous to people? They carry bacteria on their feet and contaminate surfaces as they walk. Cockroaches can even trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Even worse, some types of spiders, such as the notorious black widow spider, eat cockroaches. This means a cockroach infestation in your home could result in a spider infestation as well. Service from a trusted Ahwatukee pest control company is your best defense against cockroach infestations and the many problems these pests can cause.

How Can I Find Cockroaches In My Home?

Other than seeing or hearing a live cockroach in your home, there are other signs of cockroach infestation to watch out for. Signs of cockroaches in your home include finding dead roach bodies, seeing roach eggs and droppings, or a persistent musty odor that won’t go away. Prevention is critical, but even if you find a roach in your home, Chandler pest services can provide effective eradication methods.

Cockroach infestations can be prevented by:

Cleaning Your Home Thoroughly

Cockroaches are attracted to dirt and crumbs, which provide necessary food sources. An effective way to prevent cockroach infestations is by cleaning up your kitchen immediately after cooking or eating. Crumbs and spills should be cleaned up right away and the garbage should be taken outside daily. Avoid leaving grease spills on your stovetop or counters.

Be sure to store all of our food in the refrigerator or in airtight containers; fruit and baked goods should not be left out on the countertop. Put away pet food and water overnight and make sure to vacuum and mop your home regularly.

Keep Your Home Tidy

Cockroaches love to hide behind and underneath clutter, so keeping your rooms free to clutter and dusting frequently is an excellent way to prevent them from finding homes. It’s preferable to store things in plastic totes with lids instead of in cardboard boxes. Don’t leave newspapers or cardboard laying out, since roaches can use those materials for feed or as nesting material.

Seal Entry Points

Like other pests, cockroaches enter homes under doors and through cracks in your home’s exterior. Common places where Apache Junction pest control finds weak entry points include:

  • Gaps around windows and doors. Check door seals and apply caulk around these entry points as needed.
  • Cracks in the foundation, which should be sealed.
  • Vulnerable places on your home’s roof or walls such as attic or dryer vents. Install steel wool, fine mesh wire, or spray foam to larger holes and piping to prevent these areas from becoming entry points for roaches and other pests.

Repair Leaks

Cockroaches cannot survive without water. Standing water and unknown pipe leaks are one of the most common ways that homeowners inadvertently attract cockroaches. Inspect your plumbing lines regularly for leaks and have them repaired immediately, which will not only protect the structure of your home but also prevent pest infestations. With a Mesa pest control technician, examine crawl spaces and other sources of excess moisture in your home. A crawl space enclosure can help minimize moisture and prevent unwanted entry points for roaches.

Call a Professional

Once cockroaches set themselves up in your home, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate with DIY methods, and prevention can only go so far. Sometimes the best solution is to work with an experienced Chandler pest control company who can help you with a multi-faceted eradication approach to get these nasty pests out of your home for good.

Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Phoenix Home

Varsity Termite and Pest Control has been providing effective pest control methods in Phoenix for many years. Our experienced team is ready to develop a comprehensive treatment and prevention plan for your home against cockroaches, rats, scorpions, termites, and other pests. Get peace of mind and comfort in your home when you call Varsity Termite and Pest Control today!

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