The Importance Of Beehive Relocation Over Extermination

Most of us can appreciate honeybees for their pollination efforts, which is an essential part of food production. But that doesn’t mean we want them close to our homes, especially when a family member has an allergy to bee stings or pollen. Have you discovered a beehive or swarm in your yard? Maybe the hive is in an inconvenient location that could put children or pets at risk of stings, and you’d like to get it off of your property.

When you discover a wild beehive near your home, there are two options for removal, relocation and extermination. North Phoenix bee removal services can help with the situation. It may be tempting to eradicate the bees with insecticide, but the best option is to have the hive relocated by a qualified professional. There are different ecological consequences with each of these options that affect your local ecosystem more than you might realize.

The Importance Of Beehive Relocation Over Extermination In Phoenix, AZ.

How Does Beehive Relocation Work?

The relocation of beehives is pretty much what it sounds like. An Apache Junction bee removal company will carefully remove the beehive or swarm through a variety of gentle but effective methods including a specially designed vacuum, and then relocate them to a new area away from people and buildings. This method of removal enables the honeybees to continue benefiting the local environment by having another chance to pollinate crops, and people get people of mind knowing that they are not at risk of bee stings from an unwanted hive in their backyard.

What Are The Benefits Of Live Bee Removal?

Honeybees are crucial for our food supply, as they pollinate the majority of the food that we eat. When we keep bee colonies alive and healthy, we as humans can stay alive and healthy, too. Honeybees are actually our great ally. So when we have the option to relocate them, it’s the ethical and most beneficial thing that we can do – both for ourselves and for the bees.
Some of the benefits of live bee removal include:

Preserving Honeybees For Future Food Production

Relocating bee hives, instead of exterminating them, preserves the lives of the bees inside the colony, so that they can pollinate, produce honey, and reproduce. Future generations of bees are the only way to carry on their important work.

It’s a Harmless & Safe Method Of Pest Management

Live removal from a North Phoenix pest control technician protects honeybees, a valuable natural resource who die in captivity. A gentle vacuum specifically designed for honeybee relocation is used in the process, so that the bees can be preserved for their new home and continued pollination.

Bee Relocation Deters Future Beehives

Relocating a hive, instead of just killing it, prevents a new swarm from entering the existing hive. Honeybees leave a pheromone that attract new bees to their colony, and killing the bees will attract more bees to the area. A relocated hive does not leave behind any scent or pheromone for other bees to find.

Relocation Is a Chemical Free Process

Most people prefer to avoid the use of dangerous insecticides during any kind of pest removal treatment in their home and yard. When bees are relocated instead of exterminated, no chemicals or harsh substances are used. You can feel confident that your pets and children will be safe following the relocation process.

The Risk Of Insecticide for Honeybees

It’s definitely faster and easier to treat an unwanted hive with insecticide in order to exterminate it, but unfortunately that eliminates both the bees in the hive and any future generations of bees they produce. Additionally, all bee colonies within two miles of the hive are at risk of being affected and killed as well. This has serious consequences for backyard gardens, flowers, and other types of food production.

After a hive is treated with insecticide, the guard bees will be killed. Attracted by the scent of the honey and pollen reserves, robber bees from other hives will be drawn to the area and find the poison. They will then unintentionally transfer the insecticide contaminated honey and resources to their own hive. This process can continue multiple times, leading to widespread death of beehives in the local area. Treating even one swarm or beehive with insecticide for convenience can have disastrous results for an entire foraging area many miles wide. It’s ethical and beneficial for everyone to have Phoenix pest services carefully relocate the unwanted bees.

Do Bees Move On In The Winter?

If bees build their hive in your home, they will be protected and thrive year-round. However, they generally prefer open, natural spaces, and Arizona’s mild winters provide a comfortable climate for bees to continue thriving all year. Don’t assume that bees will leave come winter; contact Chandler pest control to have them safely relocated.

Contact a Top-Rated Pest Control Company In Phoenix

If you have an unwanted hive or swarm of bees in your yard, call Varsity Termite and Pest Control to relocate them ethically and safely. Our technicians are trained and specialize in effective pest control methods so that your home can be a comfortable, pest-free environment. Contact us to relocate your unwanted beehives!

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