You might feel pretty confident about your Mesa home’s defenses against termites if it’s covered in brick, stone, or some other material that’s not wood. After all, termites eat wood, so what would be tempting about your home if it’s covered in a layer of something that’s not tasty to them?

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Unless your home doesn’t have any wood in its construction and you don’t have any wood furniture or other wood inside, your home is still attractive to termites. Here are three materials you might think are impervious to termite infestations but are not:

Brick Veneer

A lot of houses that look like they are made of brick are actually just covered in brick veneer. The house has a wood construction, and thin pieces of brick are mortared to the exterior to give the appearance of brick construction. Termites can and will tunnel behind the veneer to get to the wood underneath it.

Moist soil and mulch are the perfect conduits to connect termites with brick veneer. They won’t hit the veneer and assume it’s a dead end. They’ll keep working until they find the wood they want. To keep termites away in Mesa, you should aim for a four-inch separation between any brick veneer and moist ground material.

Structural Brick

You do get more protection against termites with structural brick, but it’s not impervious to infestation either. Homes built with brick usually have several layers of brick, and there is no wood framing. However, the inside walls are drywall, and those are connected to the brick with wood lath. There is no insulation or a gap between the interior and exterior walls, as there is with other types of construction. Therefore, the termites can work their way through the brick to the wood and other organic materials inside.

Concrete Slabs

A thick concrete slab may seem like a strong defense against termites, but it is actually more vulnerable than you might think. Termites love a damp, dark environment, and that’s exactly what waits for them under your home’s concrete slab. When they decide to go looking for food, they can find it in your home by going through the gaps for plumbing and electrical work, the expansion joints, and any cracks that form with age.

To keep termites away in Mesa, you’ll need to make sure these areas are all sealed. Inspect your slab regularly to check for cracks and vulnerabilities, and take action immediately.

Other Threats

Termites don’t need much besides wood to thrive. Look around your home and you’ll quickly see how much wood there is to lure termites. Even if your home is made entirely of glass, the termites will happily chomp down on your bed frame, dresser, or even wood floors. Termites can hitch a ride on cardboard boxes, firewood, and other items you bring into your home. Don’t leave piles of these near your home (or inside it), and schedule a termite inspection in Mesa regularly.

Termites can destroy your home and cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. You cannot become complacent in the fight against them because you think that your home is not vulnerable. Every home is vulnerable, especially in Arizona, where many species of termite are active. You must schedule a regular termite inspection in Mesa with a reputable pest control company, and you must get routine termite prevention treatment. Once termites settle in, they can eat through your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Take action to stop that from happening.

Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Mesa to schedule a termite inspection. Our experts can quickly root out the source of a termite infestation, and they can apply effective treatments to protect your home. We offer termite and pest control solutions throughout the Mesa area. In addition to affordable termite control, we also offer treatments for common pests like scorpions, cockroaches, rats, pigeons, ants, and more. We use pest control solutions that are safe for your family and that will offer long-lasting protection for your home. Call us today to schedule a pest inspection and learn what pests are threatening your home. We’ll give you an estimate for affordable pest control services.

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