Arizona is notorious for its scorpion population, but those stinging pests aren’t the only nuisances that residents have to worry about. Termites are far more pervasive, and they can be far more damaging. They might not sting or bite people, but they can chew through the beams in your house and cause extensive destruction.

Termite Species In Arizona And The Damage They Cause

Getting the right termite treatment in Arizona requires hiring someone who can identify the termite species and develop an appropriate strategy for that species’ particular behaviors and characteristics. Here are some of the common termite species that are found in Arizona, as well as some information about the type of damage they cause:

Subterranean Termites

As their name suggests, subterranean termites spend a lot of their time under the ground. They live underground in large groups known as colonies, and they tunnel to the surface for food. In Arizona, subterranean termites are able to survive the triple-digit temperatures because they are protected from the heat underground. They can detect temperature changes on the surface because of shade, such as from a house, so they know when it is safe to come up for food.

Subterranean termites cause 95 percent of all the damaged caused by termites in North America, and they are common in Arizona. A single colony can have up to 1 million termites and can eat up to 15 pounds of wood each week. Imagine the damage that could occur if you had a colony near your home!
Hopefully, subterranean termites will eat the wood around your house, such as the brush and the logs. But if they do get into your house, they can chew through beams and structural posts, which can cause your floors to sag, your walls to shift, and more. The longer the termites are allowed to eat, the more damage they will cause to your house.

Formosan Termites

Formosan termites made their way to the United States from China and Taiwan, and they are considered the most destructive termites of all the types. They are most common in Louisiana, where they infest an estimated 30 percent of the trees there. However, they are also present in the Southwest, and they can get inside boats, live trees, railroad stakes, and anything else that has wood.

No part of your home is safe from Formosan termites if they take up on your property. They can cause extensive damage if left unchecked.

Drywood Termites

Not all termites can live underground. Drywood termites have to live above ground, but they seek shade and protection from the sun by burrowing deeper into wood, where they live. They typically make their homes inside trees, but they will also burrow into old wood and logs that are on the ground.

One reason that drywood termites are able to survive in Arizona is that they don’t need water in their nests. Instead, they draw moisture out of the humidity in the air – which is prevalent during the monsoon season, especially.

You might think that drywood termites aren’t much of a problem for your Arizona home because they live inside trees and wood. But they can easily transfer to your home if they’ve been hiding out in a pile of firewood or brush next to your home. Eventually, they can make their way to doorframes, window frames, attics, and other areas of your home.

Dampwood Termites

Just as their name suggests, these termites live in wood that is damp and decaying. You might think that they wouldn’t be such a problem in Arizona since the climate is typically dry, but they have been found in the Southwest. Typically, they end up around homes that have plumbing problems and, therefore, have moist areas around their foundation or within their structures.

Dampwood termite damage can be hard to identify because it looks smooth and clean, unlike damage from drywood termites, which crumbles.

Knowing what kind of termites you have is essential to creating a successful termite control plan. A professional and experienced termite control company in Cave Creek will know what tools and strategies to use to get results based on the type of termites you have on your property.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control has top-rated exterminators who use their expertise and training to identify the right termite species and develop an appropriate plan for eradicating and preventing them. Our exterminators have been working in the area for years, and they know what termites are common in Arizona and how to deal with them. We have a proven track record for getting results, and we have earned a top reputation as a result. Give us a call in Arizona to schedule your termite inspection or to set up a maintenance plan to keep your home free of these pests.

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