Is There a Reason To Be Worried About Having Crickets In Your Arizona Home?

A common reason that homeowners call a Mesa termite control & extermination company is because they’ve found crickets in their home. Crickets are known for the sound they make when they rub their wings together, a classic summer evening song that is beautiful outside but incredibly annoying inside your home. Once a cricket has found its way into your home, it will hide out in a warm, dark, and damp area. Typically, this is somewhere in the basement or ground floor. Crickets tend to be active at night, and some species can fly in addition to jumping. But are crickets merely an annoyance? Or is there reason to be worried about having them in your home? Glendale pest control is here to answer your questions!

Is There a Reason To Be Worried About Having Crickets In Home In Phoenix, AZ?

Where Do Crickets Live & Eat?

When crickets are outside in their natural habitat, they make their homes in places such as mulch piles, vegetation, stacks of wood, or in other protected areas around your home. They eat a wide variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, and plants, along with garbage, other insects, and even old fabric or papers. When the weather begins to cool down in the fall and outside vegetation becomes more sparse, crickets search for warmer living spaces and may enter your home.

Can Crickets Damage My Home Or Possessions?

Once they’ve made their way into your home, crickets will continue to feed on the same things they did outside. If they cannot find sufficient vegetation, they will eat whatever they can find. This may include food crumbs left on floors or countertops and dry pet kibble. They may also eat fabrics, furs, paper, leather, wood, and rubber, damaging these items in the process. Crickets can commonly be found in cardboard boxes, especially when the box is filled with old clothing, books, or paperwork. They are most attracted to the food stains and moisture that has soiled fabric, paper, or other materials, because of the food value they find in the stained areas.

Additionally, crickets are known for damaging wallpaper, particularly old and stained wallpaper. Mesa’s leading pest & termite control technicians often find that crickets have eaten through the starch in wallpaper glue, damaging or ruining the wallpaper in the process. Crickets will also feed on the glue they find in book bindings. Since crickets tend to leave holes in materials or shred them instead of consuming them completely, the feeding damage they cause can be easily confused with the damage caused by other pests such as silverfish or moths. The extent of the damage caused by crickets will depend on how many are in your home and how hungry they are.

How Do I Avoid Attracting Crickets Into My Home?

Chandler pest control commonly sees crickets attracted to homes when there is mulch, groundcover, and other debris near the foundation. These provide shelter for crickets, so you will want to keep these organic materials away from your home. It’s also important to seal gaps around doors and windows, foundation vents, window wells, and other cracks that may provide indoor access for crickets – and other pests. Inside your home, clean up right away after meals and keep your floor free of crumbs. Storing dog and cat food inside sealed plastic containers is a good way to avoid unintentionally feeding crickets and other pests.

How Else Can I Prevent Cricket Infestations?

A great way to prevent cricket problems to have Gilbert pest services apply an insecticide treatment around your home once or twice a year. This will intercept any crickets who may be seeking shelter in or around your home and is a very effective method of cricket pest control, especially when used in conjunction with avoiding mulch and other groundcover around your home’s foundation. Insecticide treatments keep other pests and insects out of your home as well, making it a great investment for your home and family.

Effective Pest Control Services In Phoenix, AZ

If you suspect a cricket infestation in your home, call Mesa’s trusted termite control company. We provide 5 star rated pest control throughout Mesa and Phoenix. In most situations, we are able to use natural or organic products so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your home while also protecting your children and pets. Make your life easier by giving us a call today!

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