Mesa is a wonderful place to settle down. Residents enjoy a sunny climate for most of the year, and they enjoy a close-knit, community atmosphere while still having easy access to all the business, educational, and recreational opportunities that are available in the Phoenix metro area. Yet for all the perks that Mesa residents enjoy, they also have to deal with some drawbacks – chief among them being termites.

What Mesa zip codes are prone to termite issues? 85201, 85210, 85205, 85207, 85208, 85206, 85209, 85204, and 85212. In other words, all of them. There is no area of Mesa where you don’t have to think about termite control.

What Attracts Termites

Termites like two things: Cellulose and water. They eat through wood and anything made of wood, like cardboard, paper, mulch, and yard debris. You can get termites in your house because you mulch instead of trying to grow a lawn and then the mulch attracts the termites. You can get termites because you have too many brushes near your house, because you keep wood in your crawl space, or because you keep too many boxes or piles of newspaper in your garage. You might get termites because you live close to a construction site – which are popping up with increasing frequency in the rapidly growing Mesa area. Or you might get them because you live close to the mountains. Mesa Termite Removal and Control

Failing to properly ventilate your home can also make it more susceptible to termites. You should have the right fans installed in your bathroom and kitchen, and you should use them after every bath or shower and after every time you cook. You should make sure your attic and crawl space are properly ventilated, as well, and you should make sure that the landscape around your house is draining properly. Any buildup of moisture in your home will attract termites and allow them to multiply.

Preventing Termites

The best thing you can do to fight termites is to keep them out of your home. Once they are inside, they will continue chowing through wood 24/7 until they literally eat you out of house and home. They can get into dark spaces that you can neither see nor reach. It’s better to make sure they never get into your house to start.

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Keep all wood and cellulose material away from your home. That means keeping your yard clear of debris like branches and leaf clutter, as well as trimming back branches on bushes and trees near your home. Keep mulch away from your home, or use treated mulch if you must have it near your home. Keep all wood, paper, and cardboard piles away from your home and out of your garage and crawl space.

Ideally, a perimeter barrier would have been installed when your house was constructed, and treated wood would have been used. If these things were not done, you can have a perimeter barrier installed and have a treatment applied to the wood. You should then get a yearly termite inspection to discover early signs of infestation and deal with them promptly.

Termite Treatment

City of Mesa Pest Control Service by The Varsity Team There are many DIY and natural options for termite treatment near Mesa, but the most effective treatment options are provided by the professionals. Termites can burrow deep into your home, where you are not even aware that they exist. Only the professionals can discover termites when they are so deep in the heart of your home, and only professionals have the tools and treatment options to reach those termites.

Professionals have effective treatments that will result in long-term termite control – not just the eradication of the immediate problem.

In Mesa, call the pros at Varsity Termite and Pest Control to get termites out of your home and keep them out. We will perform a thorough termite inspection and then develop a plan for termite control, from getting out any current pests to preventing any future infestations. With regular inspections and treatment, we’ll help you protect your Arizona home and keep your family safe. Call us to schedule a termite inspection in Mesa or the Phoenix area. We also offer pest control for other common, Arizona pests, including scorpions, spiders, and roof rates.


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