Top Reasons Why Cockroaches Keep Appearing In Your Home

You swept, mopped, took out the trash, and cleaned countertops, yet you still see cockroaches walking around. Does that mean your house is not as clean as it should be? Not necessarily! Your cleaning methods may not even be the source.

Cockroaches are common almost anywhere in the U.S. They don’t always show up because of sanitation problems, so be relieved if you clean your house thoroughly. The issue is probably unrelated to cleanliness. But why is there a sudden appearance of roaches in your clean house?

A Glendale pest control technician will explain the most common reasons in this article.

Getting rid of cockroaches in a house in Arizona

Why Do Cockroaches Infest Houses & Apartments?

Cockroaches go to houses and apartments to find food, shelter, and water, although they can enter a building through other items, such as clothing or luggage.

Food may not be available in tidy houses or apartments, but water and shelter are often a guarantee for roaches. Plus, these creatures can go for a month without eating, so lack of food is not a problem for them.

Some species, like the German cockroach, can eat things other than food to survive, so food is not an immediate deterrent at all.

Why Do I Have Cockroaches In My Tidy House?

These are the most common factors that attract cockroaches to clean houses:

  • Untidy landscaping — landscape features like palm trees attract roaches because they offer shelter and water. Once cockroaches are near your house, they are more likely to enter it.
  • Moisture — Roaches search for available water, and leaking sinks or appliances work well. They offer warmth too, turning them into the ideal harborage for roach nests.
  • Food — Even if you clean your counters and floors thoroughly, roaches always find a food source (any trusted Gilbert pest control technician will let you know that). These insects can eat almost anything, including boxes, pet food, and hair.
  • Accessible points of entry — Gaps under doors, holes around dryer vents, and other access points can give cockroaches an easy path into your house.

Why Do I Have Cockroaches In My Tidy Apartment?

Cockroaches appear in clean apartments for the same reasons they appear in tidy houses. Nonetheless, other factors could play an important role too, such as:

  • Your neighbors’ cleaning habits. You don’t know if they keep their apartments clean, so they could attract roaches.
  • Roaches can walk through utility lines and get access from one apartment to another.
  • If your neighbors have roaches in their apartment, your apartment could be at risk.
  • Neighbors might try to control an infestation with DIY methods, driving the roaches out, and leaving them looking for other places to live, such as your apartment.

Your Location Could Contribute To Roach Problems

Some places in the U.S. are more likely to face cockroaches than others. In Arizona, we primarily deal with these species:

  • American Roaches
  • German Roaches
  • Brown Banded Cockroach
  • Turkestan cockroach

German roaches are more related to sanitation issues. You must contact a Chandler pest control company if you ever see one of these roaches at home. They can breed at a rate of six generations in a single year, so be aware!

German roaches usually invade kitchens, basements, bathroom sinks, and other places that allow them to feed on nearly anything.

The best you can do to avoid them is to keep a clean kitchen, wipe up crumbs, and avoid leaving dishes in the sink.

Contrary to German roaches, Oriental, Brown-Banded, and American cockroaches are more likely to enter Arizona homes through other means that are unrelated to sanitation.

Should I Contact a Phoenix Pest Control Technician?

If you think cockroaches are already invading your home, you should act quickly. Roaches are quick breeders and could lay eggs and expand their colonies without you even realizing!

You may clean your house almost every day, but roaches can still appear due to other problems, including the place where you live or cracks in the exterior of your house. But don’t worry! Our well-experienced team at Varsity Termite & Pest Control can eliminate your roach problem and identify how these unpleasant creatures get inside your home.

Contact us today to end this problem! We will customize a cockroach control and prevention plan that fits your needs.

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