Anyone who has built a home with wood or wooden structures in Phoenix fears termite invasion naturally as the problem is highly prevalent locally. Though there are several ways in which chemicals can be used to control termites, trying out non-toxic ways is best for controlling termite invasion.

There are certain tips that one could follow to avoid termite invasion in the first place, and in the case of invasion, prevent further damage. It is easy to inspect your property annually, using a plan of each structure to make sure that the home is consistently and thoroughly monitored. Keeping periodic records of insect invasion and damage helps you see some patterns and the relationship of invasions to the seasons and weather. It also helps you develop an understanding of the specific spots of your home that are termite prone.

Termite resistant building materials can be used whenever possible. Redwood and Cedar are the popular wood species in Phoenix which are not favorable to termites. Eliminating moisture and avoiding standing water is the best way to ensure that termites do not spread rapidly. Spreading a thin separating film between the floor of your home and the subfloor soil screens the floor from termite invasion from the soil. Overall, with minor precautions, your home can be safely guarded from termite invasion to make it a stay healthy!




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