Get Termite Control in Arizona (602) 757-8252

Get Termite Control in Arizona (602) 757-8252

We often lump all termites into one classification, but there are different varieties that make up the formidable armies. Drywood termites don’t have huge colonies like other kinds do, but they cause damage just the same. A family of drywood termites is usually under 2,500 members. They don’t have a structure of breeders and workers either; the younger termites do the heavy work.

Drywood termites build tunnels and nests in buildings and can seriously undermine a structure. Unlike most other termites, they don’t need to have contact with the ground or moisture to survive.

Formosan Termites and Termite Control

Formosan termites actually help the environment when they eat dead trees, but you don’t think about that much when they are chewing away at your home. They build mud huts wherever they take up residence. Keeping wood away from the house and grading properly so water runs away from the foundation are the best deterrents for Formosan termites. For a video about termites, CLICK HERE.

Termite Control and Subterranean Termites

Probably the most destructive and well known, the subterranean termite eats more than just wood. They eat plastics, fabrics that are made from plants, and wallpaper among other things. It is not unusual for them to consume sub-flooring, building insulation, plumbing pipes, and pool liners. They will kill shrubs or trees because they don’t care if wood has dried or is still living.

Needless to say, any of these three types of termites can damage your property. Few people successfully treat their own homes against these marauding invaders; pest control professionals are the best course of action when you have termite problems.

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