Helpful Tips To Scare Away Carpenter Bees From Your Arizona Home

Carpenter bees are harmless to humans, but not to wood. You may not want them at home because they can damage wooden structures, including doors and windows. These bees can easily drill into wood to lay their eggs and build nests. Luckily, there are many ways to get rid of them without using insecticide.

Most people prefer insecticide-free solutions because carpenter bees are pollinators. As pollinators, they play an important role in helping gardens grow. That’s why calling a pest control technician in Florence can be helpful once you see these bees at home.

However, there are other safe ways to get rid of them and prevent them from causing more damage to your home. Keep reading below to learn more about them.

Carpenter Bee Pest In Your Arizona Home

Play Loud Music To Encourage Nearby Carpenter Bees To Leave

Carpenter bees are sensitive to noise. They prefer quiet places, so you can set up a radio or speaker with loud music near the bees. The music will disorient them, and the vibrations will cause them to evacuate their nest. They usually do not return to the same place if they are disturbed.

To successfully get rid of them, remember to take preventive measures after using loud noise. For example, sealing the wooden structures with essential oils.

Seal Or Paint Exposed Wood Around The House

These bees can attack any wood, but they prefer untreated ones. If your deck, door, or window are untreated, they are the best candidate for a bee infestation. To avoid carpenter bees infestation, seal or paint with varnish wooden surfaces that attract these bees.

If you think there are many carpenter bees at home, contact pest services in Gilbert.

Use a Vacuum To Trap The Bees

This is a useful method if you see a fairly-new nest and you have a high-powered wet vac. Wait until the evening to use the vacuum because the bees usually go back to their nest at night.

Use a Natural Citrus Spray

You can also spray infested areas with a homemade citrus spray. The spray is very easy to make, just cut up the rinds of citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.) and boil them in a pot with water. Let the water cool down for a couple of minutes and then fill a spray bottle with it.

Spray the carpenter bee burrows with the citrus-extract water. Be careful when using the spray as it can irritate the eyes if you put your face too close to it.

Carpenter bees are sensitive to the smell of citrus, so they will be bothered by this spray. Besides, it won’t kill the bees, it will only make them want to leave the place with the citrus smell.

You can also try having citrus plants near wooden structures because they also repel bees. If the bees come back even after using these techniques, call a Gold Canyon pest control company.

Spray The Burrows With Aerosol Carburetor Cleaner

This is not the most gentle product to get rid of carpenter bees, but it’s very effective. Aerosol carburetor cleaners have a long tube for the can that will either kill the bees right away or prevent them from nesting in your home.

But, this is a strong chemical that can cause a bit of damage to the wood, so you have to be cautious when using it. Wear face protection and read the instructions because this product can be extremely irritant for the skin and eyes.

Use Almond Oils Or Pyrethrum Spray

Like the citrus smell, carpenter bees are also sensitive to almond oil and other natural oils because they do not want them inside their nest. You can use peppermint, tea tree, or lemon essential oils to repel the bees and make them leave for good.

This is not a permanent solution, but it can help you safely get them out of the nest so you can seal the entrance site. Once you seal the site, you can call a beekeeper to relocate the carpenter bees.

Use the oil around the nest and other bee holes to prevent re-infestations.

Contact a Phoenix Pest Control Company

The last solution is to contact a licensed pest control company. and Mesa’s trusted termite control company can help you with this! We have a team of skilled pet technicians that implement the safest methods to get rid of carpenter bees without hurting them or damaging the house. We carefully check the place so that we can relocate the bees and prevent them from coming back to the infested area.

It may be the last option, but it’s indeed the best alternative to safely remove carpenter bees from home. Only well-prepared pest technicians know how to successfully treat these insects so that they don’t get hurt and don’t keep damaging your home.

Contact us today for more information!

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