Dogs are domesticated mammals bred by humans for a long time, probably being the first animals to be domesticated in history. As stated on Wikipedia, dogs are descended from wolves by domestication, discovered by DNA analysis. They are called “man’s best friend” because they help people in a lot of ways by covering some roles like guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, guide dogs for people that are blind, police dogs and even an emotional support animal. Being great, friendly animals, loved by all the family, they deserve to being taken care of so in this blog post we will explain the dangers of some pests that can make your dog’s life really difficult. If you ever feel you have an infestation, please contact your local pest control company in Gilbert as soon as possible, like Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Arizona.

what pests are dangerous to my dogs


These annoying flying bugs tend to live in tropical weather but they can be found in most parts of The United States. Mosquitoes feed on nectar and plant juices, and in some species, the female is adapted to pierce the skin of both animals and humans and suck their blood for proteins used to produces eggs. After each blood meal, they can produce a lot of eggs. Also, mosquitoes can breed in standing water, so don’t forget to check all the corners in your house that had spilled water that never dried. Besides being able to carry diseases, you have to worry about infective larvae mosquitoes can spread into your dog. These larvae can swim from the bite wound through the dog’s body until they reach the heart or their lungs, which can put your dog into a deadly situation. Check with your nearest veterinarian what can you do to prevent the infective larvae from affecting your dog.


These spiders are not only known for their shiny black color and red hourglass pattern on its underside but for their bites that are harmful to both humans and dogs as they are sensitive to their venom. You can find these type of spiders in Arizona as they like to live in warm, safe places. Remember that the female black widow is much bigger than their male counterpart, reaching a body length of approximately half an inch. If you ever encounter a black widow spider in your house and you suspect that might be infested, reach us out at our contact information so we can do a thorough inspection of your house to see if you need some kind of pest control in Gilbert.

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We love bees because of how they can make honey to make our life sweeter. But let’s not forget that they can also be annoying and harmful for their strong sting. Bees are tremendously social, so expect them to be working as a team and finding them in a group at all times. They are able to sting your dog and make his face swell, making them have an allergic reaction that can be really harmful so you should visit your veterinary as soon as you can. These little flying creatures are not common as a pest, but if there is a hive near your home, you need to contact your local pest control company before they start to sting all your family.


They are blood-sucking parasites of mammals and birds, mostly waiting on grass or bushes to jump on passing animals. Ticks can be serious pests as they can carry diseases like Lyme disease that causes joint swelling, rashes, and sometimes neurological disorders. If you ever find at least one little tick, that usually means you have a pest of them. If you are located in Arizona, Varsity Termite and Pest Control is always ready to help you out with your pest control.

bed bugs on dog BED BUGS

As you may know, these bugs got their name because they live generally where people sleep, for example, beds or couches. They live from blood and they are active at night so you will get bitten when you less expect it, while you are sleeping. Bed bugs not only likes to bite humans, they can also bite your dog and cause bad skin issues. You will need to hire a pest control company if your bed bug pest goes out of control.

In Arizona, with over 20 years of experience, Varsity Termite and Pest Control brings quality services all performed by licensed technicians that are trained in the latest and very best service methods. Our business has been built on awesome referrals from our satisfied customers who know that we provide honest and reliable pest control. Don’t hesitate to call us with any answer you have about our services.

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