It seems like there are always some insects around your house, whether we’re talking about mosquitoes in the summer or ticks when you’re walking through your yard. But how do you know when you’re dealing with pests that are just a part of life on the periphery or when you actually need to call in help from a professional Apache Junction pest control company?
The answer may be different for each family. However, here are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you decide:

How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

How are Pests Impacting Your Home or Family?

You may have seen a line of sugar ants trailing across your kitchen counter, and that may have made you wonder whether you need to call a pest control company serving Chandler. But you need to ask yourself what impact the pests are having. Do you also have fire ants that are delivering painful stings to your children when they play in the yard? Are the ants marching across your counters when you have important guests, such as when your boss is at the house for dinner?

Some people can live with some pests in the house, but some pests are too intrusive to overlook. If you have pests that threaten your family’s comfort or safety, you need to call in a professional for pest services near Tempe. If the pests just trouble your peace of mind, you also need to call in a technician. If the pests are known for prolific reproduction and fast spreading, such as termites or rodents, you most certainly need to call an East Valley pest control company, even if the problem is currently small or manageable.

Do You Know the Source of Your Pest Problem?

Maybe you know that those ants are coming in because you have a lot of crumbs on your counter. So you clean up your kitchen and your problem is solved. But maybe you clean up your kitchen, and the ants keep coming. You don’t know where they are coming from or why.

It can be difficult to identify the source of your pest problem. If you can’t find the source, you can’t eliminate the problem. You’ll need to hire a professional pest control company in Gilbert to get to the source of the problem and develop the proper plan for dealing with the pests. An experienced pest control technician can find pests deep within your home, such as colonies of termites, scorpions, rodents, and more. These are pests you would not be able to find without special tools or training.

Have Do-It-Yourself Methods Worked?

You might recognize that you have a pest problem, and you might have tried to deal with it yourself. You might have purchased some over-the-counter products from your local garden or home improvement store, or you might have tried to mix up some home solutions you read about on the internet. But are they working?

Chances are good that they are not. You need professional products to get results fast. And the longer you use those DIY products, the more you put your house and your family at risk. Pests like termites can eat through your home’s structure, pigeons and rodents can spread unhealthy feces, and scorpions and ants can deliver pain and discomfort to your family. Don’t waste your time and money on products and solutions that don’t work. Call in the Gold Canyon pest control experts for fast relief.

If you see pests in your home, you need the services of a professional pest control company serving Northern Phoenix. But even if you don’t see pests in your home, you still need professional services. An experienced Scottsdale pest control technician can develop a plan that will protect your home against future infestations. Don’t wait until you have a pest problem to call. Invest in your home’s future by developing a preventive maintenance pest control plan.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers the professional pest services you need for your home or business in Phoenix. We can develop an effective plan for protecting your home against any pests – or for eradicating any pests from your home. We treat for pests that are a common problem in Arizona, such as termites, scorpions, fire ants, roof rats, pigeons, cockroaches, and more. We’ll develop a plan to keep these pests out of your home and to get rid of any that may have already taken up residence inside. Call us in Phoenix today to consult with a pest control technician about how best to protect your home or business.

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