Many people are more environmentally conscientious these days. Scientists continue to warn us that we are on the verge of a climate crisis, so people are thinking more about the chemicals they put into the environment, as well as how much waste they are creating. At the same time, people are more aware of the chemicals that are in everyday products, as well as the harm they can cause, so they are making better choices for their health and the health of their families.

Pest control in AZ has traditionally used very harsh chemicals to eradicate the nasty creepy crawlers that invade homes and lawns. Now that more people are more concerned about environmental issues, more pest control companies are offering so-called “green” pest control, which is more environmentally friendly. Here’s what you need to know about green pest control:

Ingredients Used

Most pesticides that were used in the past had ingredients that would make them harmful for many people. You would need to clear out of your house during treatment and be careful about what you touched when you got home. Those same chemicals that could hurt you would get into the soil and the water, which can harm the local environment.

Green pest control services use ingredients that are safer for your family and safer for the environment. They are not devoid of harmful chemicals, but they are safer for those who have weakened immune systems, including children and the elderly.

Integrated Pest Management

Primarily, green pest control focuses on minimizing the number of chemicals used, not necessarily by replacing them with other ingredients, but by getting to the source of the problem. Green pest control looks at what is attracting the pests to your home in the first place and what conditions are present that makes it a nice place for pests to nest and reproduce. For example, integrated pest management for termites would look at sources of water in your house, any ground contact with your house, contact with untreated wood like shrubs or mulch, and so on.

A pest control technician in North Phoenix employing integrated pest management will make suggestions for things you can change that will make your home less hospitable to pests. That might include clearing out organic matter, improving ventilation to get rid of moisture, getting rid of food sources, sealing up cracks, making repairs, and more. You won’t have to use any chemicals, and you can trust that you’ll get long-term results.

Targeted Chemicals

When chemicals are used in green pest control services, they are usually targeted to the pests themselves. For example, insect growth regulators can impact the development and growth of certain pests, such as cockroaches. These chemicals don’t impact other living creatures, including people. So, this type of pest control is much safer than the traditional pesticides that are used.

There are many other targeted chemicals that can be used for certain types of insects and other pests. Talk to your North Phoenix pest control technician about what solutions are recommended and how they work.

You have a lot of options to get the pests out of your house without threatening the safety of your family and pets and without adding harm to the environment. You don’t have to eschew chemicals completely, but you can take advantage of solutions that minimize those chemicals. Talk to your pest control company in North Phoenix about the best options to get effective results while also minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. They should be able to offer you several options to get the results you want.

In NorthPhoenix, Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help you solve your pest problem through a variety of solutions. Our experienced technicians in North Phoenix will inspect your property and give you feedback about things you can change around your home to make the property less enticing to pests. They will then recommend solutions for removing any pests that are present, as well as keep away future pests. We have solutions for pests common to the Phoenix area, including termites, ants, scorpions, cockroaches, rats, pigeons, and more. Contact us in North Phoenix today to schedule an inspection and consultation with an experienced and friendly pest control technician. We have affordable services to fit your budget.

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