The quality of your construction is your company’s calling card. Even if evidence of the poor quality doesn’t start to come out until years later, word will get around that you can’t be trusted to do good work. Sometimes, the work is good, but you don’t take the proper steps to protect the work – and that will still make you look bad. Termite pretreatment is one of the most important things to include in any new home construction as it helps to keep out these vile creatures and protect the structure. If you skip the treatment, you leave the home vulnerable to infestation and rot that will make your construction look poor.

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Varsity Termite and Pest Control provides termite pretreatment and other pest control services in Scottsdale that protect homes right from the very start – even before they are fully constructed. With our Scottsdale termite pest control, home contractors are able to maintain their reputations.

What is a Termite Pretreatment?

Find out exactly what termite pretreatment is

Before you even start building the house, you ready the foundation. You prepare the land and grade the soil so that the ground is ready for laying the foundation. Then you prepare the substrate on which to pour the concrete.

A termite pretreatment in Scottsdale is applied when the substrate is ready but before the concrete is poured. It provides another layer of protection between the ground and the home against subterranean termites.

You might think that the concrete would be enough to block the termites living in the ground from entering the home, but it’s not. The termites can come through the tiny cracks and spaces in the concrete, and they can burrow through the concrete over time. By investing in the termite treatment, you can prevent this from happening and significantly reduce the risk of termites infesting the home over time. Of course, there will be other ways for termites to get into the home, and the owners will have to invest in termite pest control themselves, but this initial treatment will form a solid layer of protection that will ensure that your construction has more years of life.

Importance of Investing in a Termite Pretreatment

Learn just how important having termite pretreatment done on your home is

The most obvious benefit of investing in a termite pretreatment is that it protects the home from these potentially devastating subterranean species. The termites can live inside the home and eat cellulose material for a long time before they are detected, especially if a regular termite inspection is not performed. By the time some homeowners know that they have termites, the damage is extensive (and costly!).

But there are other advantages to getting the termite pretreatment. Arizona only allows builders to get a termite warranty if the pretreatment has been performed. If you provide any claims otherwise, you could risk your license with the Arizona Register of Contractors, and you could set yourself up for legal action.

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Even if you don’t make a claim about the protection, you could still be liable if you do not perform a termite pretreatment. The homeowners could bring suit against you for failing to provide basic protections and safety measures. They could say that they now have to make expensive repairs because you did not perform a minimum standard of work on the home. If the termite damage is extensive, someone in the home could have even been injured, which can open you up to even more liability.

You should consider a termite pretreatment as vital as a vapor barrier or insulation when you are constructing a new home. You put your reputation on the line otherwise, and you make yourself vulnerable to costly legal action. You don’t want to have that mark on your record.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control makes it easy to get this critical service for new home builds. We work with contractors and builders to perform the service right on schedule, ensuring that the work is not delayed and the proper protection is provided. We set up partnerships with large-scale builders to lay out a seasonal schedule that makes the pretreatment a routine part of the construction process. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more out this important Scottsdale termite treatment and to get a free estimate for the work. We also offer termite pest control and termite inspections for Scottsdale homes and other properties at any stage of the construction process, including those that have long been completed.

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