You don’t have to accept the fact that scorpions are around your home! A scorpion removal specialist from Varsity Termite and Pest Control will visit your home to inspect and complete a Free Scorpion inspection. The Scorpion Barrier system from Varsity STOPS scorpions around the home from finding entry. This valuable barrier system for scorpion removal and control is trusted by residents in Scottsdale, and it can protect your Chandler 85286 home as well! Learn why Arizona homeowners throughout the Valley turn to Varsity’s barrier system for their scorpion control needs!

Varsity Can Help Get Rid Of Scorpions In Your Chandler 85286 Home

You have enough on your plate, dealing with the presence of scorpion shouldn’t be one of them. Varsity has been providing quality scorpion services to homes in Chandler 85286 and nearby neighborhoods for years. Our Chandler scorpion control technicians have years of experience with treating homes, business, and properties for the presence of scorpion infestations. Our proven barrier system is the multi-level approach to scorpion protection you want and can rely on. Many of our clients call us for help after being frustrated with past failed services that other pest companies provided or when realizing that their DYI approach worsened their Chandler scorpion problem.

Scorpion Free!

“My home went from infested to free of scorpions in a week!”

5 Star Reviews of Varsity Termite & Pest Control in Mesa


“Can’t thank Varsity enough for removing all the scorpions that were harming my family!”

5 Star Reviews of Varsity Termite & Pest Control in Mesa

Scorpions are not only hard to detect, but even harder to get rid off. As nocturnal creatures, they hide during the day, which in turn means that you are often not even aware that you are sharing a roof with these nasty critters. Most people don’t realize what is going on until it is too late, meaning after they have already been stung.

Varsity’s approach to Chandler scorpion extermination is simple, yet effective. We limit entry points to your home or business and also work on eliminating the scorpions themselves. With this dual layer of protection, you can rest assured that scorpions won’t stand a chance. We are so proud of our services that we offer a three year warranty.

Chandler Scorpion Control Services by Varsity

If you are wondering whether or not you have scorpions in your Chandler home or on your property, contact us today to schedule a free, comprehensive scorpion inspection. We can check for the presence of scorpions and device a treatment plan if necessary. Put an end to scorpions in Chandler 85286 and call us to get started today. We are looking forward to working with you and providing you with effective yet safe scorpion control methods. Of course, we can assist you with other pests as well.


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