Termites can easily destroy your home if they are left unchecked. Even if you think you are being vigilant in looking for termites, the problem is that they can chew away at wood deep in your home where you would never see them until there is a major problem. You need to get regular Cave Creek inspections and treatments to ensure that termites do not take up a position in your home and slowly destroy it.

Curating Your Yard for Optimal Termite Prevention

One thing you can do on your own to keep termites away from your home is to curate your landscape appropriately. Here are a few things you can do:

Remove Wood and Stumps

Termites like to eat wood. You know that. So why would you set up a buffet in your yard, inviting the termites to venture closer to your home? Keep the wood and organic matter out of your yard so that your property is less appetizing to termites.

You can start by hiring someone to remove any old stumps that are in your yard, as well as any trees that are dying. Then you can pick up any sticks or branches that fall in your yard. Don’t leave these to compost. Take them to a composting location or have them picked up with yard waste.

Remove Old Wooden Structures

Maybe you have a playhouse from when your children were younger that’s still in your backyard. Or maybe you have an old shed that looks like it’s about to fall over. These old, wooden structures look like giant cakes to termites. They invite thousands of these pests to your property. While the termites are there, they might look around for some other good eats and settle on your house.

Remove any old, wooden structures in your yard. If it’s a structure that you are still using, like a shed, just replace it. That old wood isn’t going to be structurally sound for long anyway, so replacing it is also a safety issue.

Keep Garden Beds Groomed

Garden beds next to your house can significantly improve your curb appeal. But they can also invite termites closer to your home if you’re not careful. Make sure that you’re using only treated mulch in these beds, and trim any branches that touch your house. Termites will finish the mulch and travel to your house next, and they will climb branches to get to your house.

Use a Cement Pad for Firewood

You aren’t likely to use a lot of firewood in your Arizona home, but there are some nippy nights where it’s nice to look at a fire while you cuddle under blankets or sip wine. Just be careful with how you store your firewood or you could end up inviting Cave Creek termites into your home.

By creating a cement pad for your firewood, you can put a barrier between the wood and the ground, minimizing the risk that termites will enter the pile. Further protect the wood by putting a cover over it. Only bring in enough wood to burn. Don’t leave piles of wood in your house or in your garage.

Have Monitoring Stations Installed

A termite company near Cave Creek can install monitoring stations in your yard to alert you of signs of termites before they become a major problem. These little stations are made of wood and other organic material, and the termite inspectors check them quarterly for signs of activity. These stations won’t kill the termites, but they are a useful tool in termite prevention by helping you take action before your termite problem becomes too unwieldy (and expensive).

Termites may be hard to spot, but that doesn’t mean that you are helpless in preventing them. You don’t have to move into a cement house to stay safe. You just have to take some preventive measures. Your yard is the first defense for your home, so making these changes to your landscape will have a big impact on your fight against termites.

Working with the right pest control company is also an important step in keeping termites at bay. Varsity Termite and Pest Control offers high-quality termite control services in Arizona. We can inspect your property and give you tailored recommendations for protecting your property. If you already have termites, we will develop a plan to eradicate them and to minimize further damage to your property. Call us today to schedule an inspection or to learn more about our termite control services in Arizona.

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