How To Effectively Eliminate Termites With Bait Stations

Termites cause tremendous damage each year in the United States, estimated to cost around $5 billion annually in property damage and repair costs. Not found only in moist wooded climates, termites live in every state except Alaska. A single colony of termites can contain up to one million worker termites who can collectively eat 100 pounds of wood per year! This leaves your home at serious risk of substantial damage.

Unfortunately, termite infestations are often undetected until the damage becomes severe. Since termites continue to eat wood 24/7, they pose a tremendous threat to your home if you are unaware of their presence. Mesa termite control can help you find these colonies in and around your home so that damage can be minimized and repaired before it becomes catastrophic.

A common solution for termite infestations is to use termite traps, also called bait stations, to help lure these creatures out of their subterranean nests and then spread the poison to other termites in their colony. But are they actually an effective solution?

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How Do Termite Traps Work?

“Termite traps” is a casual name given to bait stations that are placed on or in the ground around your home. Despite their common name, they don’t actually trap the termites. Instead, they contain a bait that is attractive to termites – usually made from wood, paper, or cellulose – along with a poisonous substance. When the termites crawl around near their colony, they are likely to find and eat the bait. Most baits are fairly slow acting so that the termites can return to the colony and share the poisoned bait with other termites.

Termite traps or bait stations offer some advantages over other types of termite treatments. They can be used in locations where surface spray treatments cannot be used, such as near foundations, on concrete slabs, or on flooring. Although bait stations are available for anyone to purchase, it’s usually recommended that Mesa termite and pest control inspect your home and install them if they are needed for your situation. This enables you to receive a more comprehensive plan to eradicate termites before they cause damage to your home.

Are Termite Traps Effective?

Termite traps generally provide an effective, simple, and long-term solution for termite infestations. Although the poison in the bait is designed to be slow-acting, it will destroy all the different types of termites within a colony, including the soldiers, workers, and reproducers. When the worker population is eliminated or greatly reduced, food supply to the colony will be cut off, leaving the other termites to starve.

In order for termite traps to be an effective treatment, several considerations should be made. First, make sure they are in a good location. Bait stations should be installed 2-4 feet away from your home’s foundation, with 10-20 feet between them. To be most useful, the termite traps should be placed in places where termite activity is confirmed or suspected, such as woodpiles, tree stumps, and moist areas around your home.

Be sure to place the termite traps in a place where the termites will find it, or they will not be effective in eradicating termites. The amount of time it takes for termites to find the traps will be impacted by weather and what time of year it is. The best time to place termite traps is from spring through fall. At other times of the year or in other locations around your home and yard, other types of treatment may be a better option.

Beyond Termite Traps: Get Professional Help

Because of the considerations and challenges involved with termite traps, and the damage that termites can cause, it’s best to contact Mesa affordable termite control if you suspect a termite infestation. A professional can help you get rid of the termites quickly and effectively by conducting a thorough inspection of your property and helping you understanding the best treatment options given the termites’ location, the weather, and the season. Professional support makes it more likely that your termite traps will be appropriately placed and that the termites will quickly find the bait.

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