Learn How To Deal With Spiders & Avoid Damage To Your House

It might not be the most pleasant topic of discussion, but you need to know what to do if spiders start to infest your home in Arizona. There are different species of spiders that cause varying levels of danger, so knowing how to deal with them is crucial. The first thing you should think about is whether or not you already have a spider infestation.

Arizona is home to hundreds of spiders, and they will be looking to make your home theirs. It can be difficult to get rid of them without the help of an Ahwatukee pest control technician if you don’t know what to do. Learn to identify their presence by spotting these telltale signs.

A spider web in a house in Arizona

Spider Webs

One of the most common signs of spiders is spiderwebs. You can find these webs in corners, ceiling beams, chandeliers, and any hard-to-reach corner. You may even find them in boxes and vases if they are open.

People usually confuse cobwebs with spider webs, especially because biologists also use ‘cobwebs’ to describe the tangled three-dimensional web of some spiders. However, colloquially speaking, cobwebs refer to abandoned spiderwebs that collect dust, which is why they look less clean in comparison to recent spiderwebs.
Nevertheless, whether you see spider webs or cobwebs, you should be aware as both indicate you may have spiders at home.

Egg Sacs

Eggs sacs normally appear in active webs or tucked in more protected areas, such as containers. As the name implies, they contain hundreds of baby spiders ready to go out and infest your house. Upon hatching, the babies will build their own nest and lay their eggs over time.

No homeowner wants to find egg sacs in their home. These small white web balls are another common sign of having spider infestation. If you see any of these at home, contact a Chandler pest control technician immediately.

Feel free to use a store-bought pesticide while waiting for the exterminator, but don’t put off that call.

Flying Insects

Spiders love places with flying insects because they are their preferred food source. The more they can find, the more they will build a home there.

Spiders feed on things like mosquitoes, moths, flies, and even roaches. If you see many of these insects in your house, be aware, as they may be attracting spiders into your home.

If you want to determine if you have a spider infestation, look at places these flying insects often appear. Check light sources around your home, or dark corners near your windows. Spiders tend to make their webs in these high insect traffic areas, so check them often.

Dark Muggy Areas In Your House

Spiders do not only consider food when building their home. They also take into account other area factors, such as humidity and darkness.
These small creatures prefer dark areas with frequent access to food. They prefer moist and warm environments too.
Most house spiders hide and build their homes in hard-to-reach places to protect their eggs. That’s why basements and attics are their ideal spots.

In addition to checking these areas, contact a Florence pest control technician to get a professional inspection.
Seeing Actual Spiders

It might sound obvious, but we emphasize that seeing just one spider means there may be more in your house. Some people think that nothing happens if you find a solitary spider at home, but finding one is enough to think you are living in a potential breeding ground.

Only two spiders can turn your home into a spider colony, and remember that this couple can breed hundreds of spider babies over time. You surely don’t want that, so do not overlook seeing one solitary spider walking around.

Contact a Phoenix Pest Control Company To Get Rid Of Spiders

Did you see more than 2 of these signs in your house? Don’t wait to call a professional pest company! It is the best option to get rid of spiders as soon as possible.

Varsity Termite And Pest Control can help you have peace of mind by getting rid of all the spiders in your home. Our experts offer the most comprehensive treatments and spider control for homes and businesses throughout the Valley! Call us now to schedule an appointment and finally forget about spiders!

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