Entomology is a very fascinating field of study. It’s like zoology, but with small critters. Doesn’t that sound delightful! In Arizona, most pest will be found inside your home, escaping the brutal heat. However, that doesn’t guarantee that pest won’t be found outside. A good example are termites. Termites will be found inside your home or outside in the surrounded area of your house. We at Varsity Termite and Pest Control, have developed a small glossary of ten entomology terms that relate to termites and other pest that can inhabit in your homes.

the varsity termite glossary part 1

Aestivation [ ee-stiv-A-shun ] n.

Aestivation is similar to hibernation. Insects are able to rest during hot, dry periods. Arizona is a hot, dry state. The heat can reach over 120 degrees fahrenheit. The question is where do the insects estivate? There are a few species of snails in Arizona that go dormant during the summer. However, snails are most likely to be found in your garden rather than inside your home. When it comes to termites, there haven’t been strong cases determine rather or not they estivate.

Alate [ A-L8 ] n., adj.

Alate, means bearing wings. We all know that at least fifty percent of the pest population have wings, or are alate. Termites that are alate in Arizona are called swarmers. Termites that have wings are easily confused with ants. If you believe that you have a termite or ant control problem in your home, call a termite pest control company to conduct an inspection. It won’t matter what kind of alate pest might be inhabiting our home, only that it should be resolve.

Budding [ bud-ding ] v.

Budding is the splitting of an exist colony to create a new one. It’s the opposite of having a buddy! Instead of pairing with a buddy, budding is spreading a group. The budding of a termite colony is extremely rare. The only exception would be by an accidental event. Probably the weather or the disturbance of a mud tunnel.

Cellulose [ sell-u-lOse ] n.

Cellulose is the prime food source of termites. Cellulose is found in the biology of wood plants. Normally, a termite infestation is around elements made out wood or on tree trunks. Elements that contain cellulose are paper, cardboard, and plastic. This basically means that any storage room runs the risk of a termite infestation. Conducting a regularly termite inspection serves a better chance of having a termite pest free environment.

termites family feasting on a piece of wood Deciduous [ dee-sid-you-us ] adj.

Deciduous is the ability to shed or discarded. This reminds me of a snake shedding from its scale. However, deciduous is used to describe the wings of termites, which shed immediately after post-fighting paring. Whenever spotting discard wings, either by a windowsills or on the floor by the wall, it’s an indication of a termite/ant infestation. Call a termite control company, Varsity Termite and Pest Control, to have a termite inspection.

Ectoparasite [ ek-toe-para-site ] n.

A parasite that lives and feeds on the outer surface of it’s host. Termites are not ectoparasites, but a good example are ticks. Hopefully, you won’t have some on you, but there have been cases that ticks and other related ectoparasite are found in the backyard. Since ectoparasites need a host, that host can be your plants, other beneficial insects (bees, caterpillars, ladybugs) or domestic animals.

big group of termites Foraging [ fo-rage-ing ] v.

Foraging is to hunt or search for food. This mostly is the reason for pest to invade your home. Whenever a pest is foraging, the lead will end in your kitchen cabinets. Regularly scavenge, clean, and throw away any food that is expired or not needed. Pest are allergic to satanize environments.

Gallery [ gahl-ur-ee ] n.

Gallery is a tunnel or void created by termite in soil or timber. Think of it like a termite is carving (eating) the wood to create a beautiful image. A gallery on a tree truck or any wood is not a good indication. Whenever a gallery appears on any wood, call a termite pest control company in Anthem, Varsity Termite and Pest Control, to have termite inspection in Anthem.

Inquiline [ in-qui-line ] n.

An animal that lives within the nest of a social insect. This is similar to the concept of a parasite. The difference is that the animal that is living within the nest is usually hunting, and not depended on a host to live. The inquiline will sooner or later have its meal.

termites making home in anthem az Lignin [ lig-nin ] n.

Lignin is related to cellulose. This substance is produced by woody plants that bind cellulose in the cell walls. Basically, it keeps the cellulose together and protected.

Having termite and other pest in your properly is unimaginable. Unfortunately, it happens and each case is different. If you ever suspect or just want a pest inspection, call us, Varsity Termite and Pest Control. We can get rid of the pest and/or keep your property pest free.

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