Termites are nasty pests that cause a lot of destruction. You may know that termites will chew through the beams in your home and cause a lot of expensive damage like sagging floors or windows that don’t open and close easily anymore. But you may not realize the full extent to which termites can cause catastrophic damage. For example, did you know that termites can cause fire? Well, not directly. They can’t rub their wings together and create sparks. But the destruction they cause to wooden structure can cause a chain reaction that can cause all kinds of other damage.

Danger Of Termites In Arizona

The Australian Fire Example

Consider the example of a small town in western Australia. In a place called Parkersville, termites had slowly chewed through a wooden utility pole, though utility workers were none the wiser. The pole continued to stand while it was slowly weakened by the tenacious pests.

Eventually, the pole became so weak that it fell down, taking electricity lines with it. The lines snapped, and the electricity that had been coursing through them sparked with the dry brush on the ground. A fire spread quickly through the dry leaves and rotted wood, and it soon spread through a forest. Since the forest was near housing, the fire spread and completely destroyed 50 houses in the process.

Unfortunately, the homeowners couldn’t point to one clearly responsible party. At the core, AZ termites were the responsible party. They chewed down the pole and caused it to start the fire. However, the termites were just doing what termites do. And they can’t be sued! So, what about the utility workers that were responsible for maintaining the pole? Can we say that they should have known the signs of termite infestation? This is where the situation gets sticky.

Other Destruction Caused by Termites

You could easily extrapolate the possibilities for termite destruction. That pole could have fallen into a pool and electrocuted anyone inside. Termites could have chewed through a beam in your home that was supporting your tub, causing your cast iron tub to fall through the ceiling was you are taking a bath and landing on the island in your kitchen – with you in it!
Not all destruction that termites cause is as dramatic as these examples or the Australian fire example. A lot of times, the damage is more subtle – though no less expensive.

For example, termites can chew the frame around your doors or windows or other supporting structures nearby, and that can make it harder for you to open or close your windows or doors. To fix the problem, you might need to have drywall torn out and have a frame replaced, as well as other supporting beams. That can seriously disrupt your lifestyle and can cost a lot of money.

There are many other ways that termites can damage your home and wreak havoc on your budget and your peace of mind. Termites are common in Arizona, and they are an ever-present threat. You can never rest in your fight against these nuisances, or else you risk great damage to your property.

Preventing Termite Damage

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Being proactive and taking the time to do things to prevent termite damage will save you a lot more time and money later that you would spend on repairing your property.

To start, you need to schedule a regular termite inspection – at least once a year. Arizona is home to many species of termites, and they never stop seeking food and shade, which they find in spades with your property. You can’t ever assume that the threat has passed. There is no termite “season.” By scheduling a termite inspection, you can detect termites as early as possible so that you can minimize any damage.

You can also prevent termite damage by keeping wood and other organic materials away from your home. Don’t put piles of firewood, old newspapers, or cardboard boxes in your garage or leaning up against your house. Those are the perfect places for termites to hide or to settle in for a long meal – one that will carry over to your house.

The most effective thing you can do to prevent termite damage is to hire a professional termite exterminator to treat your home. You don’t have to wait until termites are present to get termite treatment. You can hire a termite control company to apply a barrier treatment to your property to keep termites away and ensure that they do not enter your home.

Termites can cost thousands of dollars in damage, or more, to your home. The longer they are present, the more damage they will do, costing you more money and heart ache. You aren’t likely to have some simple issue like a rotted floor beam. Once they take up residence, they can cause a lot of damage fast. Recognizing this threat and taking the appropriate steps can help you to minimize it.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is a top-rated termite control company in Arizona. We can help protect your property against termites and other pests through regular inspections and maintenance treatments. Our professional exterminators will identify any pests that are on site and give you information about specific steps you can take to reduce your risk. They will then create a treatment plan that will get rid of any existing pests and to prevent the recurrence of new ones. Call us today to schedule your inspection and to learn more!

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