Everyone knows that termites are bad for a home, but not everyone realizes just how bad they are. They don’t realize just how much damage termites can cause and how quickly. It’s important that you properly understand the threat that termites pose to your home and what you can do to protect your property.

Termites may have small mouths, but they literally don’t stop feeding. They keep eating through wood and cellulose like drywall and sheetrock 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now think about the kind of damage that a colony of thousands of termites can do when they eat through your home without pause. That kind of activity can destroy your home, bringing down the whole structure.

Of course, we would hope that you would notice the signs of damage before termites had a chance to do that much. But termites can cause quite a lot of damage before you even notice they are there. It’s important that you take steps to keep the termites away from your home to keep it safe.

Here are a few things you can do to termite-proof your home:

Door Damaged By Termites

Keep Plants Away from the Foundation

Any grass, plants, or bushes near the foundation of your home can draw termites closer. They may come in for the wood or roots in the plants or the shrubs, and when they are done, they may continue looking for food and travel straight into your home. You can reduce the temptation by cutting back those shrubs and making sure there is a good buffer area between your foundation and the plants.

Avoid Mulch Near the Foundation

Mulch is like a buffet for termites. It is a spread of wood ripe for the eating, and it will attract termites and other pests. If you the mulch is next to the foundation of your home, the termites will continue searching for food and moisture in your home.

You may think that you are safe using treated mulch, but even that can attract termites. The treatment also becomes less effective over time, so if the mulch sits for a while, it will become more suitable for termites.

Don’t Stack Wood Near the House

Termites like wood. If there is wood near your house, they will come in search of food. You shouldn’t stack firewood, scrap lumber, or any other type of wood near your house. Don’t put it outside near the foundation, don’t put it in your crawlspace, and don’t put it in your garage. Keep it in a spot in your yard far from your house to keep the termites away. When you get any firewood or other wood to bring inside, make sure you inspect it before you bring it in.

Keep Moisture Under Control

Termites don’t just travel in search of wood and other cellulose to eat; they also need moisture. You can keep termites away from your home by making sure that the house and the yard around the house are free of moisture. Don’t place a sprinkler near your house, and make sure that any water fall lands a good distance from the foundation. Make sure your crawlspace is waterproof, and ensure that you have proper ventilation. Keep your gutters and your downspouts clean so that they can properly divert water away from the house.

Get Pest Protection

Routine termite control treatment can not only kill any termites that may have entered your home already, but it can also create a protective barrier around your home that will keep termites away. You should maintain your preventive treatment, and you should be careful about using cleaners or other sprays that would inactivate the pest control treatment. Talk to a termite exterminator to determine the proper schedule for your home and to find out what chemicals to avoid that would negatively impact the treatment.

Termites can seriously damage your home, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs and even threatening the health or safety of your family. You shouldn’t wait until you see signs of termites in your home to take action. By then, there may already be significant damage. Instead, you should take proactive steps to keep termites away from your home.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control is your partner in termite prevention. Our exterminators can eliminate a termite infestation in your home, or they can set up a maintenance plan that will prevent a future termite infestation. Contact us today to talk with an exterminator or to schedule an appointment to get a free estimate for our services.

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