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Understanding the Life Cycle of the Termite

If you are in need of termite extermination in Phoenix, one of the first things you can do to arm yourself against these pests is to learn about their habits and lifecycle. An easy way to avoid infestations is through an annualtermite inspection. AZ companies suggest yearly inspections in order to combat termites before they cause extensive damage and become difficult to deal with. AZ termite exterminators may use a number of treatments when controlling termites, including termite baits and liquid insecticides.

What is the first stage in a termite’s life?

Termites are hatched from eggs and are called larvae. They resemble lice and may be mistaken for such. Because of this, you should contact professional termite extermination in Phoenix to deal with anything you suspect may be a termite. Termite larvae is less than a tenth of an inch long. They will eventually become nymphs, soldiers, workers and reproductive termites.

What is a nymph?

A nymph is a stage after termite larvae which a termite only goes through if it’s slated to be reproductive. However, not all nymphs become reproductive. Because termites have the ability to change roles as the colony requires, some nymphs may actually regress and become worker termites. It is this changeability which makes termite populations so challenging to control, even for experienced AZ exterminators. Termite inspection in AZ will identify termites in all stages of the lifecycle.

What is the purpose of a soldier termite?

Soldier termites are in charge of protecting the colony from enemies, namely the ant. Soldier termites have large heads and mandibles to defend against adversaries. Interestingly enough, termite extermination in Phoenix is only indirectly concerned with the soldier termite – it doesn’t actually cause damage to wood. Because of its large mandibles it can’t bite on to wood, and must be fed by other termite workers.

How long do termites live?

Termite workers tend to live only a few years, but termite queens can live an astonishingly long time – anywhere from 25 to 50 years! Termite inspection in AZ looks to find the termite colony in order to eliminate the queen. If the queen is not eradicated, termite colonies can grow again and thrive. Termite queens can continue to regularly produce a large number of eggs for up to a decade. AZ exterminatorsmust completely eliminate the entire termite colony in order to properly combat a termite infestation.

At Varsity Termite and Pest Control, we offer a wide range of termite control methods, including the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System as well as a variety of other effective methods that can help rid your home and property of termites.

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