Termites are among homeowners’ worst nightmares. They aren’t just nasty little pests that make your home dirty – they can actually tear through your home’s materials, damaging your property and making your home less safe for your family and guests.

Taking proactive measures like hiring a pest control company in Arizona for regular service can help you keep termites out of your house. But knowing what attracts termites and allows them to proliferate can also help you make changes that will make your home less inviting to the pests. Here’s what you need to know about the conditions that draw termites to your house and allow them to thrive:

Termite Infestation

Organic Materials

Termites aren’t attracted to your home because of the lovely doorway you’ve created or the stylish exterior. They are attracted to the organic materials in your home. They want to chomp down on all that wood 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can’t do anything to change the fact that there is wood in your house. But you can keep those organic materials away from your home, including piles of firewood, scrap wood, tree branches and large shrubs, and untreated mulch. You should create a buffer around your home of rocks or other inorganic material so that termites will not be tempted to keep on their path toward your home.


Like all pests, termites need moisture to thrive. However, termites are a special case because they do not have the means to retain water for long. They will quickly dry out and die if they don’t have a constant source of moisture.

You may not think that your home is a source of moisture, but you could have small leaks without even realizing it. You could also have ventilation problems that create humidity in your crawlspace and elsewhere, drawing in termites. Make sure you get regular Termite inspections around Arizona to check for plumbing leaks and to ensure that you have adequate ventilation.


There’s a good reason that there are so many termites in Arizona: It’s hot, and termites like it hot. They tend to slow down when the temperatures drop, which doesn’t happen for long in Phoenix. Therefore, they can work quickly and spread damage fast.

Again, you can’t do much about the climate – except move. You can protect your house by controlling the temperature and using the best insulation you can. For areas that can’t be temperature controlled, get regular pest services and control the other conditions that you can.


It doesn’t take long for termites to do a lot of damage. However, they become exponentially more destructive as their colony grows. In order to thrive, a termite queen and king need to reproduce a few times to get the colony to its full potential. Starting out, a colony can have about 10,000. Once the colony has reached its full potential, it can have about 2 million.

You can stop termites from wreaking more destruction on your home by investing in the proper Arizona termite and pest control before they have a chance to proliferate like this. The earlier you can detect and treat for termites, the less damage you are likely to have.

The more knowledge you have, the more power you have. You can take measures yourself to protect your home against termites. Then you can work with a pest control company to put affordable termite control measures in place. Termites can attack your home at any time, so it is important that you take action before they target your home. You can prevent a termite infestation, or you can minimize the damage.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control can help you protect your home against termites. We offer termite control services in Mesa and the surrounding area. We will inspect your property to look for signs of any existing termite presence, and we will start by treating that. Our technician will then recommend maintenance services to keep out future termites, as well as make recommendations for changes you can make around the home, such as removing wood piles near the home. We offer complete termite and pest control services to keep other pests away from your home, as well. Call us today to schedule an inspection or services.

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