vtapc-vehiclePest control in Gilbert is highly important if you suspect you have an infestation of vermin or insects. This is so important for many reasons – as leaving an infestation can cause damage to your property (particularly if your property relies on wooden sections and it’s termite control you need), can damage your health, can cause businesses to get shut down and more. The sooner you do this, the easier it will be for the pest control or termite control company to deal with your problem. However in order to get pest control in time, it is important to be able spot the signs of and infestation and to know when you have a problem. Here we will look at how to recognize when there is a call for pest control or termite extermination.

Commonly pest control will deal with vermin such as rats, mice, squirrels or bats and these leave many clues to their existence in your home or business. One early sign that you might have a problem is noises coming from either the ceilings or the walls. These are two of the places that these vermin like to live as the insulation keeps them warm and they are hidden from sight.

Likely the noises will start at night, and you are likely to find that they sound like the pattering of little feet, or scratching and chewing. This noise can become quite loud if there are lots of rats or squirrels up there and can sometimes be quite distracting when you’re trying to sleep.

Other little clues can also be found around the home such as droppings left by the critters, or crumbs of food that they might have left. In some unpleasant cases it is possible to catch glimpses of rats or mice actually running across the floor while you’re relaxing in the evenings. You might find that if you have pets that they alert you to this presence.

Other signs are a smell which can be caused by rotting corpses in your insulation, and this can often also lead to maggots or flies. If you hear a lot of buzzing this might be a clue that flies have gathered around the corpse of a dead rat or squirrel.

gallery-image-1-bigAs far as termite extermination goes, this can be spotted by damage done to your cellulose materials such as wood and paper. This might look like lots of small holes and it’s likely that this is mostly in the more moist areas of the building.

Contact Varsity Termite and Pest Control for more information or if you have anymore questions and concerns regarding if you need pest control. A professional exterminator will be glad to help you the best they can with any of your needs. You can also visit our website and blogs to gain more knowledge and information. Please give us a call today, we are looking forward to helping you.

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