When the flowers are blooming and the trees are getting back their leaves, the pests are also starting to be more active. The weather is warm enough for them to feel good, and they are ready to feast after having little to eat for the winter. Some pests are also ready to mate, so they will be more active as they search for a partner.

With all this springtime activity, pests are more likely to find their way into your home. Now is the time to contact a pest control company and to start developing a prevention and maintenance plan for your home. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to create a pest prevention plan for your home for the springtime and beyond:

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Pests Can Transmit Disease

Some pests can carry bacteria and germs that can make you sick. For example, rats and pigeons can carry disease. They can spread it through your home in their feces, their fur and feathers, and more. Allowing these pests to nest in your home and to spread can put your family at risk.

Implement a pest prevention plan to ensure that these disease-carrying pests don’t find their way into your home and spread sickness.

Stings Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Many people are allergic to the stings of common pests, such as bees, scorpions, and ants. Some don’t even know that they are allergic until they are stung and they have a severe reaction. Allowing these pests to infest your home or your land puts your family and your guests at risk. An allergic reaction can be much more than a nuisance – some people can develop life-threatening reactions, such as tightening of the airways.

Make sure pests are not on your property and they don’t have a chance to take up residence. Get a pest maintenance plan in place now.

Pests Can Damage Your Home

Pests may be small, but they can cause major damage to your home. Termites can eat through the wood and drywall in your home, undermining its structural integrity and causing major damage. Termites can literally eat your house to the ground – though it’s unlikely you wouldn’t know there was a problem and correct it before then. Ants and other pests can also damage your home if left unchecked.

It doesn’t take long for pests to cause a lot of damage to your home, but it can take a long time before you realize they are there. Protect your home with a pest prevention plan before the problem begins.

You May Need Professional Cleaning

Pest feces can not just spread disease; it can also cause a huge mess in your house. You can’t just sweep away rodent poop to clean your home. Even the strongest floor cleaner won’t be enough to sanitize the space. You will need to hire a professional cleaner to clear out the space and make it safe for your family again.

The more extensive the problem, the longer the cleaning will take and the more it will cost. Keep that from happening by working with a pest control company to protect your home.

You are already thinking about deep cleaning your home during the spring, so you should turn your attention to keeping it clean of pests, as well. Pests are on the move in the spring, so you should be thinking seriously about a prevention plan. Talk to a reputable local pest control company about the right plan for your home. You can get a program that targets the pests you have dealt with in the past, as well as potential pests based on what’s popular in your area.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control can develop a pest maintenance plan for your home that targets the pests common to the Arizona landscape. We specialize in pest removal and prevention, including termites, ants, scorpions, pigeons, and more. We’ll develop a thorough plan for your home to ensure that any pests currently present are removed and that future pests are discouraged or prevented from moving into your home. We are committed to getting results for you. Call us today to talk with an exterminator and to schedule an inspection of your home.

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