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Tired of finding scorpions in your home? Call Varsity for a visit from our friendly technicians to complete a Free Scorpion inspection.Varsity's Scorpion Barrier system can stop scorpions entering into Arizona homes during scorpion season. The proven barrier system is trusted for scorpion control by residents in Mesa, and it can protect your family home as well! Learn why Arizona homeowners in the Valley love the Varsity's barrier system for their scorpion control needs!
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Why should you choose Varsity Termite and Pest Control? Because we are the best at what we do. Our scorpion removal and control team has been providing top pest control services in Mesa, AZ 85208 and surrounding areas for years. Instead of merely spraying and dusting your home, we offer a comprehensive approach that includes weatherization, sealing and client education.

Despite their frequency, scorpions are still much understood. They do not go away if there are no bugs to eat, they do not like to be out during the day, which means you may never see a scorpion and yet have them in your home.

Scorpion extermination is not a DIY project. And while you may have initial success by trying to rid your home of those critters yourself, in the long run, you may do more harm than good as scorpions that are weakened by toxin tend to come inside your home to hide, and that is exactly where they will sting you.

Your Mesa 85208 scorpion exterminator has a thorough understanding and received intensive training, both of which allow him or her to provide the most effective scorpion removal service possible.

Why is scorpion control so important? Because despite being mostly non-lethal, the Arizona bark scorpion is poisonous, especially to the very young, old and those with allergies.

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5 Star Reviews of Varsity Termite & Pest Control in Mesa

Allergic reactions to scorpion toxin can range from mild pain and numbness to severe symptoms such as: widespread numbness, difficulty swallowing, a thick tongue, blurred vision, roving eye movements, seizures, salivation, and difficulty breathing. In which case you should seek medical care immediately.

Varsity can assist you in controlling the scorpion population in your Mesa 85208 home or business, as well as assist you with removal and eradication of other pests such as bees, roof rats, pigeons, ants, termites and more.


Varsity’s Home Scorpion Sealing Service- Unwavering Protection 24hrs a Day!

The word is out, homeowners in Mesa, Arizona have found the best system for scorpion control,  the Scorpion Barrier System.

A technician will start with a scorpion sealing process that allows Varsity to find the various ways these Arizona bark scorpions may enter the home.  Homeowners enjoy the relaxing peace of mind knowing that the sealing process has found all the entry points. Varsity is proud to stand behind a promising guarantee for scorpion control.  Stop worrying at night, scorpions in your home will have no way to enter.

The sealing system stops scorpions from getting in your Mesa Arizona home,  more commonly known as the “Scorpion Barrier” by Varsity. Varsity’s team has become the highest rated scorpion control team in the valley. Stopping scorpions with the Scorpion Barrier system has been our focus for years, and with great success.  If you’d like to read testimonials of customers having received the Scorpion Sealing in Mesa, click HERE.

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Year-Round Protection With Varsity’s Proven Scorpion Sealing and Scorpion Extermination Process

  • Residual dusting with natural based products
  • Foundation dusting.
  • Attic dusting
  • Electrical outlets dusted
  • Plumbing points dusted
  • Block fence dusted
  • Void areas inside and out dusted.
  • The dusting to the cracks and hiding places that Scorpions can live
    and hide is your best bet to getting rid of these nasty little visitors.
  • Sealing to keep them out!
  • Seal foundation
  • Under and around door frames
  • Under thresholds
  • Seal around a/c lines and electrical outlets and boxes on the outside
  • Seal plumbing and electrical outlets inside
  • Screening
  • Roof vents
  • Exhaust fan vents

These steps, along with weather stripping your doors, are the steps that Keep Scorpions OUT!
All Varsity Scorpion Barrier services come with a three year warranty to keep you protected long after our visit!


Scorpion Control Inspection in Mesa 85208

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About Scorpions found in Mesa, Arizona

Scorpions are arachnids, close relatives of spiders, ticks and mites. There are approximately 1,300 species of scorpions world-wide. They are very common in the Southern and Southwestern States. About 40-60 species occur right here in Arizona, although many are un-described. While they are commonly thought of as desert animals, they do in fact occur in other habitats as well, including grasslands, pine forests, rain forests, deciduous forests and caves.

Most scorpions are not poisonous with the exception of the Bark Scorpion which reside in Arizona (see below for details). Even with non-poisonous scorpions, young children, the elderly and individuals that may be allergic to scorpion venom can experience serious health consequences if stung and should seek medical attention immediately.

Mesa Scorpion Habits

These nocturnal, predatory animals generally feed on a variety of insects, spiders, and even other scorpions. The larger scorpions occasionally feed on vertebrates, such as small lizards, snakes and mice. Scorpions can survive without feeding for six months. Despite their villainous appearance, scorpions are not aggressive hunters but rather lie and patiently wait for their next meal. Scorpions enter structures in search of shelter and water.

Arizona Bark Scorpion


The poisonous “bark” or “crevice” scorpions are pale and small, making them difficult to see. They are common throughout many habitats but almost always in rocky areas and are very able climbers. While most scorpion species are solitary in nature, the Bark Scorpion is an exception. They can congregate between 20 to 30, which make them even more menacing. The venom of the Bark Scorpion may produce severe pain (but rarely swelling) at the site of the sting, numbness, frothing at the mouth, difficulties in breathing (including respiratory paralysis), muscle twitching, and convulsions. Death is rare, especially in more recent times. Antivenom is available for severe cases. Certain people, however, may be allergic to the venom and can experience life-threatening side effects when stung (as occurs with bee stings).

Due to the threat scorpions possess with their poisonous sting, Scorpion Control is best left in the hands of the professionals.  Click here If you are looking for Scorpion Control in Scottsdale


Tired of finding scorpions in your home? Call Varsity for a visit from our friendly technicians to complete a Free Scorpion inspection.Varsity’s Scorpion Barrier system can stop scorpions entering into Arizona homes during scorpion season. The proven barrier system is trusted for scorpion control by residents in Mesa, and it can protect your family home as well! Learn why Arizona homeowners in the Valley love the Varsity’s barrier system for their scorpion control needs!



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