Every year, Phoenix is battered by a series of monsoons. The torrential storms can be not only a damper on the day, but they can also cause a lot of damage to your home and your property. They can cause trees to fall and hit your house, they can blow shingles and tile off your roof, and they can cause a lot of damage that allow pests to enter your home and spread rapidly.

It’s important that you work with a good pest control company in Chandler before and after the storm to protect your home. Here are some of the best things you can do keep pests out of your home:

Protecting Your Home from Pests during Bad Weather

Increase Pest Control before the Storm

You should make sure your home is in the best position possible to defend itself against pests before the storm hits. Work with a pest control technician serving East Valley to put barrier treatments in place that will keep pests from seeking shelter from the storm in your home.

You should also look for damage and openings that would allow entrance by pests. For example, you should seal up any cracks that are in your foundation or near your windows and doorways. You should fix damaged wood that can be attractive to pests. You should make sure that your yard is properly graded so that water moves away from your home during a storm.

Drain Standing Water

You are likely to have a lot of pools of standing water around your property after a storm. It’s rare that a yard is perfectly flat, and any dips will give water a place to pool. Water can also gather in garbage cans, in toys left outside, and in other household accessories.

Standing water attracts mosquitoes, rats, and other pests. Take the time to drain any standing water after a storm. If you have recurring problems, you should consider working with a landscaper to correct grading issues.

Remove Debris

Storms are likely to knock down a lot of branches and leaves. If you don’t remove these, they can start rotting in your yard and attracting all kinds of pests, including termites, ants, rats, and roaches.

Similarly, the storm could knock over your garbage cans and leave rotting food in your yard, which will attract every kind of pest.

You should clean up any debris or trash immediately following the storm. Put the yard waste in the appropriate disposal bin, or haul it away yourself. Do not create a pile in your yard, even if it is far from your home.

Repair Any Water Damage

Water damage leads to rotting wood, which is a beacon for pests. In particular, rotting wood is highly attractive to termites. Once termites get into your home, they can spread quickly and penetrate deeply, making them harder to remove.

Thoroughly inspect your home after a storm to look for any signs of water damage. Pay close attention to areas near the foundation, which are more likely to be flooded by water during a storm. Make immediate repairs to prevent the invasion of pests.

Seal Any Cracks

You may have done a thorough check for any cracks before the storm, but you should done one after, as well. Cracks are a constant threat, and they can appear after high winds and heavy rains have battered your home. Don’t allow these to remain so that pests can enter. Do a thorough check for cracks after the storm and seal any that have appeared.

Get a Post-Storm Inspection

There are a lot of things you might miss, even if you have been thorough in your inspections. You need to hire a Gilbert pest control technician to inspect your home. A trained expert will know the subtle signs that indicate pests might be present or that would attract pests to your home. An experienced pest control technician in Gilbert will identify potential trouble spots and then made recommendations for protecting your home, including applicable pest control treatments.

Getting pests in your home isn’t just a nuisance. Certain pests can cause extensive damage to your home or even destroy it. Some pests, such as rats and roaches, can pose serious health risks to your family. It is important that you remain vigilant in your efforts to protect your home from pests. Your home is most vulnerable after a storm, so that is an ideal time to focus on and enforce your pest control efforts.

Call Varsity Termite and Pest Control for your complete pest control protection in Phoenix and Mesa. We are ready to work with you to put pre-storm measures in place to make your home as strong as possible before the next monsoon hits. Or we can help you do post-storm cleanup and implement pest control measures that will protect your home from further damage. We offer a variety of pest services, including affordable termite control. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and to learn more about our termite and pest control.

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