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After discussing the physical signs of termite activity in your Gilbert home, I want to go into more detail about the damage they are causing. I have briefly touched on mud tubes as sign of a termite infestation. But what exactly are those and how do they look like?

Termites dig tubes. It is hard to believe but they have the ability to dig those tubes through all sorts of materials such as cinder-blocks, concrete, and even brick. Why do they do that? By digging those tubes they gain access to the wood they feed on, but also to shelter. You could test this theory by breaking open a cinder-block. Most likely you will get insight into those tubes and how termites have made their home in them.

The most obvious sign that you need termite control is the presence of decaying wood. Personally, I consider this to be the calling card of the termite.

This type of damage tends to follow the grain of the wood. You may even be able to find a trail of soil trailing along the damage. It can be difficult to tell termite damage from other kinds of wood damages, such as water and mold damage. Neither, however, follow the grain nor leave soild behind.

Gilbert termite services

What makes termite damage so difficult to spot early on? Generally speaking, Termite damage occurs from the inside out. Often damage starts inside the walls and ceilings.

There are a few things you can try yourself in order to figure out whether you have termites squatting in your Gilbert home. I have briefly mentioned the method of tapping your walls. You can use a hammer, tap gently and listen for the sound – if it is dull then there may be termite activity inside. Carefully use a screwdriver to open up a piece of your wall and check inside the wood. If you have any of these indicators, then you should find a Gilbert termite control specialist and try to eradicate the problem.

Varsity Termite and Pest Control has provided top quality termite control services to Gilbert and surrounding cities for years. Contact us today for a free termite home inspection or any other pest removal and extermination service. We can also assist you with scorpion control, ants, roaches, mice and other pests.

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