Identifying a Termite Infestation Part One
A termite infestation is bad news for several reasons. They will eat and destroy your wood and other soft materials which can damage your property, your fittings and your furniture. This can then in turn be expensive, result in low energy efficiency for your home, or even cause structural damage.

What makes it worse, is that you probably aren’t even aware you are dealing with termites until their infestation has progressed significantly. If you hear unusual buzzing sounds in your walls, find an unusual amount of wings on windows and doors or other entry areas, and if your walls sound hollow when you knock on them, you may have termites visiting.

While those little buggers can do some serious damage to your Queen Creek home, they are also unappealing to look at and unhygienic to boot. What makes them dangerous is that they may attract other pests, such as scorpions, which will pray on the termites. What does that mean? Instead of one infestation, you are now dealing with two: termites in your walls and scorpions on your property.

This is why you should contact a professional Queen Creek exterminator as soon as you suspect that you are dealing with a termite infestation. In fact, by calling Varsity, you can get a free initial, no-obligation termite inspection. Our licensed and experienced termite professionals will come to your home to check for termites (and while we are there, we might as well check for scorpions too). The benefit of this is that we can catch a termite inspection early on, long before you can see any damage.

Termite control professionals in Queen Creek
Before you can get termite control though, you need to to be able to identify the problem and recognize that you have a situation on your hands.

Read on and learn how to spot a termite infestations. This will enable you to contact your Queen Creek termite pest control company and get rid of the unwelcome visitors as soon as possible to keep damages and cost at a minimum.

Let’s take a look at how to spot termites, when you see them. Termites are easily confused with ants as they look very similar. In our next blog I will go more into detail about how to tell the difference between the two and how to proceed if you find you have termites in your home.

Contact us today if you think you are dealing with Queen Creek Termites.

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